Haramaya University Women, Children and Youth affairs Directorate said on February 17, 2022 that it gives tutorials to female students in collaboration with Haramaya Technology Institute.

Mr. Mekonen Dagne, Women, Children and Youth affairs Directorate expert said that “The directorate has provided such tutorial to female students for a month and 15 days and the tutorial designed to enable them to cope with stress and be competitive and successful in their studies.”

Mr. Mekonen added that the Directorate has launched the tutorial program, recognizing that it has an important role to play in supporting female students and creating a generation that can appropriately lead the country in the future. According to Mr. Mekonen, the tutorial has been given to 51 the 4th and 5th year female students in five subjects and preparations are underway to give the same tutorial to the 2nd and 3rd year female students. Similar tutorial in tree subjects are given for 74 veterinary fresh female students a month ago.

With this mission of the directorate, Mr. Lucas Ambaye Kassa, a teacher we found teaching female students, said “We are happy to be involved in creating capable citizens of the country as education is one of the ways to build the workforce.”

Mr. Worku Gadissa, associate director of under graduate program at Haramaya Institute of Technology, said that “When the tutorial was prepared Practical subjects and courses that could enhance female students’ academic skills were selected for the tutorials.”

Participating students, in their part, said that the tutorial reminds them of all the lessons they learned since first year, especially in the areas of structural design and construction. The tutorial has helped them to develop more knowledge and self-confidence and they have gained a lot of knowledge that they did not know before in practical lessons and the program should be strengthened, according to students.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photograph: Fuad Ahmed