5th Year College of Law LL.B student, Mr. Mustefa Mohammed Kedir, has placed 2nd in a national essay writing competition organized by the Ethiopian Law Schools Association (ELSA) and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Office Ethiopia/African Union on the theme “The Role of Academia in Upholding the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Ethiopia.”

The competition was open to all Ethiopian undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students from law, political science, and other social science disciplines. It helped foster critical thinking and scholarly discourse on the vital role of academia in promoting the rule of law and safeguarding human rights in Ethiopian society.

The Dean of the College of Law at HU, Dr. Richard Wentzel, explained that each essay submitted should be a maximum of 3000 words. After receiving hundreds of essays, only the top 3 were selected as winners. Mustefa will receive a financial award of 25,000 ETB from the competition organizers in recognition of his exemplary achievement.

Dr. Richard stated that the College of Law wishes to congratulate Mustefa for his outstanding achievement. It is a testament to his hard work, perseverance, intellectual strength, and strong analytical mind.

College of Law students at Haramaya University continue to dominate national and international essay writing competitions, as explained by Dr. Richard. This academic year marks the seventh winning essay competition by law students. These results illustrate the exceptional quality, determination, and intellectual vigor of the students. Dr. R expressed hope that these magnificent achievements will inspire other students to strive for greatness.

Haramaya University Public & International Relations Directorate