Community Development Works

Under its mandate of community engagement, Community Development Works Directorate aspires to excel through well-coordinated and strategically guided and mutually beneficiary engagement in the community in its mandate area. In so doing, the Community Development Works Directorate is very much determined to significantly contribute to the socio-economic development of the community.

Roles and Responsibilities of Community Development Works Directorate

  • Prepares annual community development intervention plans
  • Prepares implementation plans and guidelines for the proper realization of the goals of the community engagement road map
  • Organizes and compiles annual community development activity plans of colleges, directorates, institutes, and other stakeholders
  • Solicits fund and other resources for community development interventions
  • Facilitates the creation of linkages between the university community and the surrounding communities through community development works
  • Coordinates the community development interventions of the university and the surrounding communities
  • Guides and supervises community development activities of stakeholders
  • Submits quarter and annual reports to the Office of the VPCEED

Focus Area

In its aspiration to surpass in the arenas of community engagement, Community Development Works Directorate gives prominence to the following focus areas:

  1. Agricultural Production and Productivity
  2. Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  3. Infrastructure Development and Facilities
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Natural Resource Management, Environmental Protection, and Mitigation of Climate Change
  6. Improving quality of Educational
  7. Health Service Delivery
  8. Socio-cultural Development
  9. Social Justice