·    Please adhere to the form’s format provided below, as changes will render the concept note invalid.

·    You are requested to fill out every section by at least addressing the lead questions and points of attention.

·    After filling out the model, please erase all lead questions and points of attention, only leaving your own text.

·    Please note that the completed concept note form, excluding the signature page and annexes, MUST NOT exceed 5 pages.

·    Please submit your completed concept note form and annexes via    obsa_bulti@yahoo.com with cc: info.raisefsethiopia@gmail.com and  info@shayashone.com

·    Concept notes can be submitted until June 8, 2024. They will be evaluated on a rolling basis, and applicants whose concept notes are accepted by the Evaluation Committee will be invited to submit project proposals. The selection process will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Haramaya YCF Concept Note Application Form

Haramaya YCF Call Overview