College Of Social Sciences And Humanities



The College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) is one of the existing academic units of Haramaya University. It was established in 2009 GC (2002 E.C) during the organizational restructuring process of the University and was founded to train skilled manpower in various fields of social sciences and humanities. Currently, CSSH offers first degree (BA/BSc.) training program in 11 fields of study, M.A. Degree in eight training programs and PhD in two study programs. The College has over 111 staffs on duty and over 38 staffs on study leave. The college is currently hosting over 1265 regular undergraduate program students, 43 masters regular program students and 12 PhD candidates.


The College of Social Sciences and Humanities aspires to become a leading inter-disciplinary college that promotes high quality education through teaching, research and outreach programmes. Our goal is to become the college of choice for students and the country’s best place of scholarship in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Towards realizing this vision, we always strive to provide quality education that is capable of equipping students with high quality learning and thinking experience necessary to surpass in their fields of experts.


The mission of the College is to produce highly qualified professionals required for the transformation of the country through providing high quality education in various disciplines of social sciences and humanities

Future plans:

The college has intention to launch M.A in Gender and Development Studies and PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies.


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