Vice-President for Research Affairs


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Tesfaye Lemma Tefera  (PhD)

PhD in Rural Development

Contact Details:

Telephone (Office): +251 255 53 03 24
Email Address:

Postal address: P.O.Box 103, Haramaya University, Ethiopia
Fax: +251 255 53 01 06 (Research Office)

The Vice-President for Research Affairs (VPRA) owns the overall research and technology exchange (extension) process of the university. VPRA is responsible for the strategic guidance and mentoring of all research and extension units. Under this office are three major directorate offices responsible for leading research, technology exchange (extension), publication, and facility provision and management of the university. These include director for research groups and partnerships, director for research extension and publication, and director for research facilities.
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Under Vice-President for Research Affairs:
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Director for Research Groups and Partnerships (DRGP)

Research Thematic Area Leader

Directors for Research Extension and Publication (DREP)

Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Dissemination Officer

Research Publication Officer

Director for Research Facilities Management (DRFM)

Contact Address:

Office :+251 255 53 03 29
Fax: +251 255 53 01 06 (Research Office)
Office of Vice-President for Research Affairs
Haramaya University
P.O.Box 138
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia