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Gender Directorate

The university established the Directorate and the position of Assistant Dean of Female Students in 2000 G.C. The Directorate, now, has a total of 7 staff on Haramaya and Harar Campus – a head, vice-head, Gender expert and two support staff on Haramaya campus as well as a coordinator at Harar. The office is directly accountable to the HU President. It is recognized and welcomed in other offices as well. It has highly committed staff members.

Guidance And Counseling Program

The Guidance and Counseling office provides personal counseling services for all enrolled students. The confidential nature of counseling sessions is highly respected. Thus, a student’s permission is required before any information is released, except in very unusual circumstance. Anonymity of individuals shall be strictly respected in using confidential counseling records for any scientific instigation by authorized bodies of the University.

Health Clinic
Office Of ICT
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