Haramaya University confers the rank of professorship


Haramaya University has conferred the academic rank of professorship on Dr. Nigussie Dechassa, who has worked at the University for more than 18 years now.


Dr. Nigussie Dechassa earned the degree of Bachelor of Science from Haramaya University in July 1989. Soon after graduation, he was recruited by thethen Commission of Higher Education of Ethiopia and assigned to work at Asmara University as a graduate assistant in the Faculty of Arid Zone Agriculture. He taught first year students several courses.After serving for about one and a half years at the university, he was awarded a scholarship by the British Council and left for Britain in August 1991. He studied at the University of London, Wye College, and graduated with the degree of Master of Science in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Horticulture and Crop Science.

He came back tohis country in January 1993and was assigned by the Ministry of Education to work as a lecturer at Haramaya University.He taught undergraduate students several horticultural courses, workedas head of horticulture section, and coordinated Root and Tuber Crops Research programmeat the university until February 1997.

In March 1997, he won a KAAD scholarship and went to Germany to pursue a study leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. He joined the University of Hannover, where he earned a PhD degree in Plant Nutrition.He came back to Ethiopia in 2002 and re-joined Haramaya University, where he has been working up until now. As an assistant professor and then as an associate professor at the university, he taught a number of horticultural and plant nutrition courses to undergraduate, MSc, andPhD students. In addition, he has supervised MSc thesis research of more than 70 students and PhD dissertation research of seven students to completion. He has also done research in horticulture, plant nutrition, and agronomy. As a result, he contributed to the development and release of two improved potato varieties as the principal researcher as well as two improved sweet potato varieties, one carrot variety, and one garlic variety as a co-researcher. He has also published more than 40 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals and written several book chapters. In his research endeavours, Dr Nigussie Dechassa has contributed significantly to the outreach services of the university particularly by coordinating and executing dissemination of knowledge and improved agricultural technologies for adoption by farmers to enhance productivity and livelihoods.

On top of rendering his professional services, Dr. Nigussie Dechassa has also commendably shouldered several administrative responsibilities at the university. He worked as Head of the Department of Plant Sciences, Dean of Students, and is currently serving as Vice-President of Research Affairs at the university.

In accordance with the University’s promotion rules and regulations, therefore, the university’s Senate and Administrative Board have promoted him to the rank of professor in Horticulture and Plant Nutrition.


7 comments on “Haramaya University confers the rank of professorship

  1. Jabessa Teshome on said:

    I congratulate Prof Nigussie for such marvelous achievement of highly reputable academic ladder and wish you the best future!!!!GOOD NEWS TO HU for welcoming him to its stock of few professors!!!!!

  2. Berhanu on said:

    Congratulations to Professor Nigussie. Wish you all the best in your future endeavor.

  3. Prof. Melaku Tefera on said:

    Congratulation Prof. Nigussie,
    You deserve it. With all your research undertaking I witness during the field days. While I was in Haramaya and elsewhere in Ethiopia, you are the most genuine and confident university staff I ever met.

  4. Jelalu Kemal (CVM) on said:

    Dear Professor Congratulation

  5. Abi Taddesse (PhD) on said:

    Congratulations Prof. Negussie Dechassa! You have done well to get what you deserve. I am inspired by your achievement and hope it serves as a driving force for those of us who would like to follow your footsteps. Congratulations once again!!!

  6. Dr. Adem Kedir on said:

    Congratulations to Dr. Nigussie and the university!

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