Haramaya University Attends EPHA Annual Conference


Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is holding its 28th Annual Conference in Harar Town. The Conference, which is being held from 19th-22nd February 2017, has the main theme of ‘Public Health Challenges and Responses in Ethiopia: Opportunities and Prospects’.


State Minster for FDRE’s Ministry of Science and Technology, H.E. Prof. Afework Kassu, Prsident of Harari Peoples National Regional State, H.E. Mr. Murad Abdulhadi, EPHA President, Dr. Fikreab Kebede, President of Haramaya University, Prof. Chemeda Fininsa, Country Director for US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Jeffery Hanson and other distinguished guests have been attending the conference along with the numerous association members and delegates and representatives from partner and supporting organizations and institutions. A moment of silence was held for the members who passed away in the past year.


Dr. Fikreab, in his welcoming speech thank the Harari Regional Health Bureau, Haramaya University and other partners and sponsors of the Conference for ‘making it a reality’ and said, “We (the Association) believe that we need to work more to continuously develop institutional capacity so as to strengthen the members’ base at all levels, both rural and urban settings.”

Prof. Chemeda on his part said, “The country is working to be among the middle income countries in the world and the progress is encouraging. However, we are facing emerging challenges that need to be addressed seriously and appropriately in all sectors including health services and capacities. At a period when we have not yet completely solved the problem of communicable diseases, we are facing the burden of chronic diseases such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and others.” He said the tremendous research and practical work that is being done at Kersa Health Demographic Surveillance System Site indicates that ‘the proportion that people dying of chronic condition is increasing year by year’. This, Prof. Chemeda stressed, demands the doubling of efforts on all fronts.


H.E. Prof. Afework thanked the Association, Packard Foundation and other sector bureaus for their great in the public health sector and said the realization of the 2030 Health Sector Transformation Program heavily rests upon the untiring efforts all people involved in public health.


Award and recognition ceremony was held on the first day of the Conference and the Association gave recognition and medals to long serving public health specialists and institutions. Mr. Nega Bakeri from HU’s College of Health and Medical Sciences was among the awardees and recognition was given to Prof. Richard Pankhurst for his families and his unparalleled work on the returning of many historical artifacts of the country.


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