Haramaya University has provided food support to needy families

As part of its humanitarian effort to the COVID-19 response, Haramaya University provided food support to 378 needy families worth more than 935,000 (nine hundred twenty thousand) birr. A two-month food and cleaning supplies was distributed to family heads that are unable to do their jobs because of the limited […]


Haramaya University Laboratory Opened for COVID-19 Tests

Haramaya University Laboratory Opened for COVID-19 Tests CHAMPS-Ethiopia Program’s laboratory with a maximum capacity of running 4000 COVID-19 tests per day is now open for operation. The laboratory is expected to give services to communities in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. According to Dr Nega Assefa, Principal Investigator (PI) of […]


የሐረማያ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ባሳለፍነው ሳምንት የኮሮና ቫይረሥ ስርጭትን የመከላከል ስራ ላይ ለማሰማራት ያሰለጠናቸውን በጎፈቃደኞች ዛሬ ሥራ እንዲጀምሩ አደረገ።

የሐረማያ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ባሳለፍነው ሳምንት የኮሮና ቫይረሥ ስርጭትን የመከላከል ስራ ላይ ለማሰማራት ያሰለጠናቸውን በጎፈቃደኞች ዛሬ ሥራ እንዲጀምሩ አደረገ። በጎ ፈቃደኞቹ ሥራ ሲጀምሩ መልዕክት ያስተላለፉት የአስተዳደርና ተማሪዎች ጉዳይ ምክትል ፕሬዝዳንት ፕሮፌሰር ጄይላን ወልዪ ኮሮና ድሃና ሀብታም ሳይለይ ዓለምን በአንድነት እያስጨነቀ ያለው ተላላፊ በሽታ እጅግ አደገኛ በመሆኑ በመከላከሉ ስራ ላይ ሁሉም ራሱን ከመጠበቅ […]


Unemployment, Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation in Ethiopia, National Conference Conducted

College of Business and Economics (CBE) in collaboration with Industry Linkage & Entrepreneurship Development Directorate of Haramaya University conducted the 1st National Conference on Unemployment, Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation in Ethiopia from 13-14 March 2020 at Resource Center. Mr. Henock Semaw, Dean of CBE, said that “The University is working […]


Training of Trainers for Agriculture Experts completed

Vice President for Research Affairs Office organized a training of trainers (TOT) for 45 District Agricultural Experts from 15 Districts in East Haraghe, Dire Dawa Administration, and Harari Regional State on ‘irrigation water development and management, Nutrition sensitive agriculture and Post harvest Management’ at the University’s resource center for three […]


Haramaya University, Fulbright Scholars commences a 2-day Training on Research Writing

Haramaya University’s Vice President for Research Affairs Office in collaboration with US Fulbright Scholars commenced a 2-day Training program on ‘Grant Writing, Scholarly Writing and Open Access and Partnership’ at the main campus.  About 70 academicians, researchers and postgraduate students are participating in the training aimed to acquaint them with […]


Haramaya University Conducts Training on Demand –Led Plant Breeding for Ethiopia

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) in collaboration with the Vice-president for Research Affairs Office conducted a two-day training on Demand/Market-Led Plant Breeding for Plant Breeders, Physiologist, Nutritionists, Protectionists, Socio-economists, and Extensions from February 21-22, 2020 at Resource Center. In his opening speech, Prof. Mengistu Urge, Delegate Vice-president for […]


ACE Climate-SABC Held First Ever Master’s Students Defense

Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (ACE Climate-SABC) of Haramaya University held the 1st Cohort Open Defense Examination of Master’s candidates from 7-8 February 2020 at Resource Center. Two of the external examiners, making up the examining committee, came from abroad. A defense exercise conducted […]


Project kickoff program is conducted

Sustain Dialogue Project conducted the 2019/2020 academic year kickoff program at Afrenkello hall on February 15, 2020. Mr. Robel Damte, the project program manager, said that the project is financially supported by USAID and applied in collaborating with Life and Peace Institute (LPI), and Peace and Development Center. Mr. Robel […]


Guideline review workshop is conducted

HaramayaUniversity Office of Vice president for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development organized an internal guideline review workshop for Community Engagement, University-Industry Linkage and Entrepreneurship development at the university resource centeron February 13, 2020. The participants of the workshop were invited from different colleges and reviewers from different colleges and places. […]