Annual Research field day held at the main campus research center

Haramaya University annual research field day was held at the main campus research center in the presence of farmers, researchers and other stakeholders on November 7, 2019. Vice President for Research Affairs organized the field day and made the field day participants invited from different Districts in East and West […]


Haramaya University Conducted First Round Induction Training

First round induction training for newly employed and reinstated staff members of Haramaya University was given at resource center for 6 days from November 4 to 9/ 2019. The induction training was organized and conducted by the office of Vice-president for Academic Affairs in collaboration with College of Education and Behavioral Sciences […]


Project Inception Workshop was Held on Development and Delivery of Biofortified Crops at Scale

Haramaya University in collaboration with the International Potato Center (CIP) conducted an inception workshop to launch a project titled “Development and Delivery of Biofortified Crops at Scale (DDBIO) on October 31, 2019 at the University’s Resource Center.   The launching workshop was started with the warm welcoming remarks made by […]


InnovAfrica conducted a Field Day

InnovAfrica conducted a Field Day at Kombolcha and Meta woredas on Farmers Training Centers (FTCs) in project implementation sites with the objective of disseminating best practices on maize-common been intercropping and livestock-brachiaria system. “Ensuring food and nutrition security of smallholder households is a critical challenge in areas characterized by small […]


Training Concerning Quality Education has been given to Academicians

Haramaya University Academic Assessment and Quality assurance Directorate in collaboration with Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) organized training for 150 academicians who held quality related positions and responsibilities. The training was held at resource center fromNov31 to October 1, 2019. Mr. Abebayehu Terefe, Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency […]


Graduation ceremony is celebrated

After two years successful training, U.S. State Department in cooperation with Haramaya University English Language Improvement Center (ELIC) conducted graduation ceremony for more than 100 English Access Micro-scholarship Program students at resource center on Nov 02, 2019. In the opening ceremony, Dr. Dawit Negasa, the dean of Behavioral Sciences College, […]


Haramaya University Crop Research Outputs Effective

Haramaya University has been contributing to production and productivity of locally grown crops through availing quality, disease resistant and farmer preferred crop varieties. Farmers in the region have been able to solve their seed supply problems with the production of these crops. In addition to promoting the production and productivity […]


Returnees Harvest Improved Crop Varieties Donated by Haramaya University

Nine kebele farmers’ members who were displaced and have returned to their places of origin in the last three months have harvested improved maize and sorghum varieties donated by Haramaya University. The internally displaced persons (IDPs) were from Babile Woreda. Haramaya University, in addition to teaching-learning, research and extension works, […]


Haramaya University is working to launch a new project with China’s Academy of Social Science

Haramaya University conducted an initial discussion with China’s Institute of Sociology and Academy of Social Science on how to launch a new partnership project. The discussion was held in the president office of Haramay University on October 17, 2019. As was said in the discussion, the China’s Academy of Social […]


HU’s staff members and students discussed on the higher education directives for maintaining peace

Haramaya University academic staffs and Administration council members held a discussion on maintain peaceful Teaching-Learning process in the current academic year at Afran Kallo hall on October 11, 2019. The document which prepared by Ministry of Science and Higher Education focused on higher education trends and the coming years directions, […]