Agricultural Experts receive training on transferring new technologies


Haramaya University’s Research and Extension wing organized a two-day training on 24 and 25 October 2009 for 35 experts selected from Haramaya District in Haramaya Town.

The training included seven very important topics such as water resources and management, utilization of irrigation technology (drip), integrated soil fertility management, vegetables pre-and post harvest practices, vegetables disease and pest management. Seven skilled professionals (a horticultural professor, three PhD and three MSc) were involved in delivering these topics.


According to Mr. Teklemariam Keneni, a member of the University’s Research and Extension Directorate, the objectives of the training is to demonstrate and transfer technologies/improved practices, to show how to manage water resources and to utilize the irrigation technology (drip) as well as to use integrated soil fertility management to end-users to improve their livelihood by creating sustainable agricultural production in the region.

Many relevant questions were raised by the participants and discussion sessions were held. The participants actively attended the training and were very eager to scale-up to 33 district kebeles selecting model farmers who have potential to implement drip irrigation technology to produce major vegetal crops like potato, cabbage, carrot, tomato, onion etc.


The closing remark was made by Professor Kebede W/Tsadik, Vice-president for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development. He said that such training is useful to boost experts’ knowledge and to understand attitudes of people they encounter so that they can train and change them to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook about work and work environment.

Participant appreciated and gave many thanks to the University, the trainers and media personnel as they have obtained a multitude of knowledge from the training which will enable them to solve farmers’ production problems by applying drip irrigation technology.

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