List of Academic Programs

Haramaya University (HU) has been working hard to expand and develop demand driven and nationally recognized academic programs. These academic programs are expected to produce competent graduates in diverse field of studies allied with the university vision and missions. In a regular mode, 74 undergraduate, 93 MA/MSc/MPH/MBA, 26 PhD, 4 specialty residence programs, and 6 postgraduate diploma/certificate training programs are underway in the main and satellite campuses of the university. Under the non-formal education mode, the university runs 29 summer, continuing and distance education undergraduate programs. Also, HU runs 49 postgraduate programs (MA/MSc/ MPH), through summer and continuing education programs. Overall, 78 academic programs are available in non-regular manner.

I. Undergraduate Programs
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College/Institutes  School/Department Name of the Program
College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences School of Agricultural Economics and  Agribusiness

School of Animal and Range Science

School of Natural Resources and Environmental Science

Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

School of Plant Sciences


1. Agribusiness &Value Chain Management
2. Aricultural Economics
3. Animal Production and Technology
4. Animal Science
5. Range Ecology and Biodiversity
6. Natural Resource Management
7. Environmental Sciences
8.  Rural Development and Agricultural Extension (regular)
9. Rural Development and Agricultural Extension (mid- career)
10.Horticultural Crop Production and Processing
11. Sugarcane Agronomy
12. Plant Science
 College ofBusiness & Economics

Department of Accounting Department of Cooperatives

Department of Economics

Department of Management

Dep’t of Public Administration & Development Management

13.     Accounting

14.     Cooperatives (Cooperative Buss. Mgt and Cooperative Accounting and Auditing)

15.     Economics

16.     Management

17.     Public Administration and Development Management

College of Computing &  Informatics Department of Computer Science Department of Information Sciences School of Information SystemsDep’t of Information Technology

Department of Software Eng.

Department of Statistics

18.     Computer Sciences

19.     Information Sciences

20.     Information Systems

21.     Information Technology

22.     Software Engineering

23.     Statistics

College of Health &

Medical Sciences


Department of Environmental HealthDep’t of Medical Laboratory Sci.

School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy

Department of Public Health

School of Nursing and Midwifery

24.     Environmental Health Science

25.     Medical Laboratory Sciences

26.     Medicine

27.     Pharmacy (Clinical)

28.     Public Health

29.     Nursing (Neonatal Nursing, Emergency & critical care nursing)

30.     Midwifery + (Advance Standing Midwifery)

31.     Psychiatric Nursing

32.     Surgical Nursing

33.     Pediatric Nursing

College of Social Sciences&  Humanities School of Foreign Languages and JournalismSchool  of  Geography and

Environmental Science


Dep’t of Gender and Development

Dep’t of History and Heritage Mgmt.

Department of Sociology

Department of Afan Oromo

Department of Tourism Development & Hotel Mgmt.

34.     English Language and Literature

35.     French Language and Literature

36.     Journalism and Mass Communication

37.     Geo- Information Sciences

38.     Geography and Environmental Studies

39.     Urban Planning

40.     Gender and Development

41.     History & Heritage Management

42.     Sociology

43.     Afaan Oromoo and Literature

44.     Tourism Development & Hotel Management

College of Law College of Law 45.     Law (LLB)
College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Veterinary Medicine 46.     Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

47.     BSc in Veterinary Laboratory Technology (new)

College ofNatural & Computational Sciences Department of BiologyDepartment of Chemistry

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics


48.     Biology

49.     Molecular Biology and  Biotechnology

50.     Chemistry

51.     Mathematics

52.     Physics

Sport Science Academy Department of Sport Sciences 53.     Sport Sciences
Haramaya Institute of Technology


School of Natural Resource and Environmental EngineeringDepartment of Food Science

and Post-harvest Technology


Department of Chemical Eng.

Department of Civil Engineering

Dep’t of Electrical &Computer Eng.

Department of Mechanical Eng.

54.     Agricultural Engineering

55.     Water Resources & Irrigation Eng.

56.     Water Supply & Environmental Eng.

57.     Hydraulics and Water Resource Eng.

58.     Food Science and Post-Harvest Technology

59.     Food Technology and Process Eng.

60.     Chemical Engineering

61.     Civil Engineering

62.     Electrical and Computer Engineering

63.     Mechanical Engineering

College of Educational & Behavioral Science


Department of Adult Education and Community DevelopmentDep’t of Educational Planning &Management


Department of Psychology

Dep’t of Special Needs & Inclusive Education


Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate Programs

Other Programs

64.     Adult Education & Community Development

65.     Educational Planning and Management

66.     Psychology

67.     Special Needs and Inclusive Education

a.        Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary School Teaching (PGDT)

b.        Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership (PGDSL)

c.        Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education teaching (PGDHET)

d.        Postgraduate Certificate in Primary School Supervision

e.        Higher Diploma Program (HDP)

·         English Language Improvement Program

College of Agro Industry & Land Resources Department of land administrationDepartment of Dairy & Meet Technology

Department of Forest Resource mgmt.

Dep’t of Soil Res. & Watershed Mgmt.

Department of Animal Science

Department of Plant Science

Department of Natural Resource mgmt.

68.     Land Administration

69.     Dairy & Meet Technology

70.     Forest Resource Management

71.     Soil Resources and Watershed Management

DA Upgrading

72.     Animal Science

73.     Plant Science

74.     Natural Resource Management

This is an independent campus in Oda Bultum University. In this campus, students (3rd year and above) are still under the auspicious of Haramaya University.

Regular Postgraduate Programs
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The University offers, 26 PhD, 4 specialty residence and 93 Master’s education programs under regular modality. The programs are listed here under by colleges.

A. PhD Programs

I. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

    1. Agricultural Economics
    2. Agricultural Entomology
    3. Agronomy
    4. Animal Genetics and Breeding
    5. Animal Nutrition
    6. Dairy Technology
    7. Horticulture
    8. Plant Breeding
    9. Plant Pathology
    10. Range Ecology and Dry Land Biodiversity
    11. Rural Development and Agricultural Extension ( streams: Knowledge Management and Capacity Development; Commercial and Rural Institutions)
    12. Soil Science
    13. Tropical Animal Production (streams: Meat, Dairy, and Monogastric streams)
    14. PhD in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (Sub-specialization: Crops; Livestock; Soil and water; Policy, institutions & Innovation;  and Biodiversity conservation) (Regional ) (New)

II. Haramaya Institute of technology

15. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

16. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

III. College of Health & Medical Sciences

  1. Medical Microbiology
  2. PhD in Nursing (New)
  3. Public Health

 Specialization in Medicine

a). General Surgery Residence Program

b). Gynecology and Obstetrics Residence Program

c). Specialty Training Program in Internal Medicine

d). Specialty Training Program in Pediatrics and Child Health

IV. College of Natural and Computational Sciences

20. Microbiology

21. PhD in Physics (Sub-specialization: Environmental Physics and Renewable Energy Physics) (New)

22. PhD in Chemistry (Material Chemistry) (New)

23. Environmental Physics (Old and yet, it is not closed by the Senate)

 V. College of Social Sciences and Humanities

24. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

25. Peace and Development Studies (Revised)

26. PhD in Geography & Environmental Studies (Specialization: Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management; Urban and Regional Development Planning; Environment and Land Resource Management; and Population, Environment and Development ) (New, Approved Postgraduate Program Council but not Edndorsed by the Senate)

VI. College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

27. Education (Streams: Curriculum Studies; Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Inclusive Education; Educational Psychology)

  B. Master Programs:
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(Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (Med), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Public Health (MPH))

I. College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

  1. Agribusiness & Value Chain Management
  2. Agricultural and Applied Economics
  3. Agricultural and Food Marketing
  4. Agricultural Economics
  5. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  6. Agricultural Entomology
  7. Agro-forestry
  8. Agro-meteorology and Natural Risk Management
  9. Agronomy
  10. Animal Genetics and Breeding
  11. Animal Nutrition
  12. Animal Production
  13. Dairy Science
  14. Dairy Technology
  15. Environmental Science and Management
  16. Horticulture
  17. Integrated Pest Management
  18. Irrigation Agronomy
  19. Plant Breeding
  20. Plant Pathology
  21. Range Ecology and Biodiversity
  22. Rural Development and agricultural extension (Streams: Agricultural Communication and Innovation for Development; Rural Development and Agricultural Communication and Information Management )
  23. Seed Science and Technology
  24. Soil Science
  25. Weed Science
  26. MSc in Climate Smart Agriculture (Regional) (New)
  27. MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management (Regional) (New)

II. Haramaya Institute of Technology

  1. Agricultural Machinery
  2. Agricultural Mechanization
  3. Engineering Hydrology
  4. Food Engineering
  5. Food Science and Technology
  6. Irrigation Engineering
  7. Postharvest Technology
  8. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

III. College of Natural & Computational Sciences

  1. Applied Biology
  2. MSc in Biology
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Botany
  5. Genetics
  6. Microbiology
  7. MEd in Biology
  8. Chemistry (streams: Analytical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry)
  9. MSc in Chemistry
  10. MEd in Chemistry
  11. Mathematics (Streams: Differential Equation; Numerical Analysis; Optimization Analysis)
  12. MSc in Mathematics
  13. MEd in Mathematics
  14. Physics (Streams: Computational Physics; Environmental Physics ;Medical Physics; Nano Scale Physics and Quantum Physics)
  15. MSc in Physics
  16. MEd in Physics
  17. MSc in Chemistry (Material Chemistry) (New)

IV. Sport Science Academy

 53.  Coaching and Rehabilitation Therapy

54.  MSc in Sport Sciences

55.  Sport Medicine

56.  Sport Nutrition

57.   Exercise Physiology

V. College of Social Sciences and Humanities

58. Afan Oromo (Afan Oromo Teaching, Afan Oromo Literature, Applied linguistics in Afan Oromo)

59. Afan Oromo( MEd)

60. Teaching English as a Foreign Language

61. English Education

62. Sociology

63. Peace and Development Studies

64. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management

65. Geography and Environmental Studies ( Streams: Environment and Land Resource Management; Urban and Regional Development Planning)

66. Geography Education

67. History and Heritage Management

68. Gender and Development Studies

VI. College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

69. Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

70. Curriculum Studies (streams: Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum and Quality Assurance; Curriculum Evaluation and Research)

71. Educational Leadership

72. Educational Leadership and Management

73. School Leadership

74. Vocational Education Management

75. Social Psychology

76.Special Needs and Inclusive Education

VII. College of Computing and Informatics

  1. Information Science
  2. MSc in Computer Science
  3. Statistics (Streams: Econometrics; Biometrics)

VIII. College of Health & Medical Sciences

  1. Adult Health Nursing
  2. Field Epidemiology
  3. Integrated Emergency and Obstetric Surgery
  4. Maternity and Neonatal Nursing
  5. Medical Microbiology
  6. Public Health ( Streams: General Public Health; Reproductive Health; Health Service Management; Public Health Nutrition)
  7. Tropical and Infectious Diseases
  8. Water Supply & Sanitation Management

IX. College of Veterinary Medicine

88. Veterinary Epidemiology

89. Veterinary Public Health

90. Veterinary Microbiology

X. College of Law

91. International Economic and Business Law

XI. College of Business and Economics

92. Business Administration

93. Energy Economics

5. Distance, Summer and Continuing Education Undergraduate Program
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                                1. Distance Education Program= 3
CBE Management 3
Accounting and Finance
                           2. Continuing Education Program=9
CSSH Afan Oromo, Literature and Communication 9
CBE Account and Finance
HIT Civil Engineering
CHMS Nursing
CCI Computer Science
Software Engineering
                          3. Summer Education Program=17
CHMS Nursing 17
Medical Laboratory Sciences
CBE Economics
CNCS Mathematics
Sport Science
CSSH Afan Oromo, Literature and Communication
Geography and Environmental Studies
History and Heritage Management
CEBS Special Needs and Inclusive Education
Adult Education and Community Development
CCI Information Technology
HIT Soil and Water Engineering
Overall 29
    1. Summer and Continuing Education Postgraduate Programs

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S.n College/ Institute Program Summer CEP
1. Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Agricultural Economics Yes Yes
Agricultural  Economics and Rural


No Yes
Animal Production Yes No
Agronomy Yes No
Horticulture Yes No
Soil Sciences Yes No
Irrigation Agronomy Yes No
Rural Development Yes No
Agricultural  Information,  Communication  and


Yes Yes
Agricultural  Communication  and  Innovation

for Development

Yes Yes
Number of Programs 9 4
2. Business and Economics Business Administration No Yes
Number of Programs 1
3. Education and Behavioral Sciences Educational Leadership Yes Yes
Educational Leadership and Management Yes Yes
School Leadership Yes No
Social Psychology No Yes
Special Needs and Inclusive Education Yes No
Number of Programs 4 3
4. Natural and Computational Science Biology Yes No
Biotechnology Yes No
Genetics Yes No
Microbiology Yes No
Applied Biology Yes No
Chemistry Yes No
Mathematics Yes No
Physics Yes No
Number of Programs 8
5. Sport Academy Physical Education Yes No
Coaching and Therapy Sciences Yes No
Sport Medicine Yes No
Number of Programs 3  –
6. Social Science and Humanities Teaching English as Foreign Language Yes No
Geography & Environmental Studies Yes No
Environmental  and  Land  Resource Management Yes No
Urban and Regional Development Planning Yes No
Climate Change Disaster Risk Management No Yes
Sociology Yes Yes
Afan Oromo Teaching Yes No
Peace and Development Studies No Yes
History Yes No
Number of Programs 7 3
7. Computing and Informatics Information Sciences Yes Yes
Number of Program 1 1
8. Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Public Health Yes No
Number of Program 1
9. Heath and Medical  Sciences Master of Public Heath Yes No
Number of Program 1
10.  HIT Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Yes No
Irrigation Engineering Yes No
Food Science and Technology Yes No
Number of Programs 3
Grand total of programs 37 12

Summary of All Academic Programs
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1. Regular Programs


Postgraduate Programs





in Medicine


and Postgraduate


Total Overall



74 93 26 4 123 197
2. Non-regular Programs
Undergraduate programs Distance,

Summer and Continuing Education)

Postgraduate Programs(Summer and Continuing

Education) (MA/MSc/MPH/MBA)

29 49 78