Training of Trainers on Youth Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Conducted for Embedded Research Translation Partners

Training of Trainers (ToTs) on Youth Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development for Embedded Research Translation (ERT) partners was conducted in Miesso Woreda on 28-29 April 2023.

The training was organized by the Haramaya University LASER PULSE team with the major objective of building the capacity of ERT partners. Local research partners from Chinaksen, Midega Tola, Miesso and Gumbi Bordede Woredas participated.

The Principal Investigator of the LASER PULSE project at Haramaya University, Dr. Muluken Gezahegn, made an introduction to the ‘Youth Training Manual’ prepared by the LASER PULSE team. He provided the background, objectives, and content of the training.

Harmaya University staff, Mr. Mustefa Mohammed, covered the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mindset, characteristics and skills of entrepreneurs, unleashing entrepreneurial capabilities, and barriers to entrepreneurship development. He also provided individual and group assignments to foster group discussion, horizontal learning, and active engagement of the trainees.

In addition, Mr. Mustefa covered issues such as agribusiness idea generation and problem validation, business model canvas, product development and product management, marketing and sales, and financial management. There were a series of group activities and reflections as well.

Finally, the trainees were awarded a certificate of recognition by Miesso Woreda Office of Agriculture Head, Mr. Adinan Ahmed, H.E. Dr. Elias Ahmed, Member of Parliament, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of People’s Representatives, and Mr. Mustefa Mohammed, the Master Trainer.

The project team members thanked institutions and individuals for the successful accomplishment of the Training of Trainers.

This training was made possible through a research grant obtained from LASER PULSE (Purdue University).

Haramaya University Public and International Relations Directorate