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Since its inception, the University has been actively involved in research activities, primarily in the field of agriculture. As a pioneer institution of agricultural teaching, research and extension in Ethiopia, Haramaya University has developed and released several improved crop varieties and many improved crop and livestock management practices. The institution has produced many textbooks, book chapters, research articles, bulletins, proceedings, posters and a number of M.Sc. thesis research reports.

Academic And Research Building

Haramaya University Research and Extension


Aspires to be center of excellence in research, extension and consultancy services relevant to sustainable development needs of the society.


To generate and disseminate technologies and scientific information through basic and applied research to enhance the quality of human life and sustain natural environment.


The University is committed to the following values:

Dedicated to maintain rigorous standards in research and extension for the improvement of the lives of our people.
Creativity and innovation:
Encourages imaginative, original, and inventive research ideas.
Sets priorities, conducts problem solving research and provides service relevant to the need of the stakeholders.
Promotes active participation of stakeholders.
Promotes interdisciplinary and team approach.
Strong sense of response to the dynamic socio-economic and biophysical changes.
Honesty and commitment.
Cost effectiveness, timeliness and result oriented
Ensures that services, programs and resources are provided without bias or discrimination.
Transparent research process and results.
Responsible and accountable for research project execution and its outputs.
Gender sensitive and respects the outlooks, religion and cultures of a society.
Promotes culture of cooperative and collaborative works with other institutions and organizations.


The overall objective of the research and extension wing is to support/strength research development, training and information exchange activities for improved and sustainable agricultural production in Ethiopia.

The following are its specific objectives:

  • To identify, prioritize, develop and implement research and development activities on constraints to the development of agriculture.
  • To develop and transfer technologies promoting efficient and sustainable use of the natural resource and respond to the existing and potential economic/marketing opportunities.
  • To promote research-extension and farmer linkage through on-farm research to ensure technology development and transfer.
  • To strengthen the capacity of the university in the region to conduct research and implement development activities.
  • To facilitate training and information exchange trough group training, scientific meetings and publication at experimental station bulletin, proceedings and articles.
  • To promote and strengthen collaboration between Haramaya University and other institution and organizations within the region, to uphold research and development.
  • To develop mechanism for sustainable funding and efficient utilization of resource for the implementation of research, extension and development activities.