It was established in 1996 as Department of Public Health along with the establishment of the Faculty of Health. Since then, it has played a crucial role in producing competent public health workforce that actively engages in diseases prevention and treatment, educational programs (capacity building), policy development, services administration, research, and regulatory services locally and internationally. The School runs three undergraduate programs (Public Health, family health and Health informatics); six master's programs in regular, summer and blended programs (Public Health in Epidemiology, Field Epidemiology, General Public Health, Reproductive Health, Public Health Nutrition, and Health service Management), and one PhD program (PhD in public Health). The staff profile of the school: PhD=7, Associate Professor=3, Assistant Professors=14, GAII= 4 and lecturer=28

Students currently enrolled

Currently, we are teaching a total of:

  • 177 undergraduate students
  • 386 Masters students
  • 31 PhD