Haramaya University College of Education and Behavioral sciences is giving induction training at the University resource center since December 20, 2021.

While the training is given to more than 100 new and experienced teachers who have not taken the training before, it lasts for three consecutive weeks.

According to Mr. Gemechu Abera, the dean of the College, this training is of high importance as properly trained teachers play a critical role in shaping today and tomorrow’s generation. As he further stated, the training helps to create a generation that can keep pace with the time since our country is   undergoing curriculum reforms that include important technologies and peace building related issues and to enable new teachers to be aware of the existing teaching and learning process and fulfill their responsibilities.

Mr. Abdi  Nigusa, a representative of Higher Diploma Program (HDP), in his turn, said that the training will greatly enhance the quality of teaching in particular and education in general. This time, government higher education institutions are focusing on the new curriculum review and teacher development skills. Therefore, not only governmental educational institutions but also private educational institutions must provide their teachers with similar trainings in order to maintain the quality of education.