Background of the Department

The department of Psychology was established in 2014 as an independent program from department of pedagogical sciences in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Since then the department has been diversifying itself by staffs and programs. It has four programs: One in undergraduate- Psychology, one in MA – in Social Psychology, one MA-in Educational Psychology and one PhD program in Educational Psychology. At the moment the department has two associate professor,  Two Assistant Professor, nine lecturers  4 Graduate Assistants I and  3 Graduate Assistants II. Moreover, the department has 5 staffs that have been leaving for both MA (two) and for PhD (three) within the country’s higher educations.


Our vision is to be one of the leading department in college of education and behavioral sciences with  natunal reputation in 2025


Our mission is to produce competent graduates in the field of psychology.

Core Values

We value and are committed to academic freedom, perseverance, good governance, diversity. Professionalism, collaborative sprit, creativity and innovation, respect for nature and environment.