Haramaya University is a pioneer in the history of Agricultural Research and Extension of the nation. During 2009/09 academic year research and extension review meeting of the University 134 completed, on-progress and new research projects were presented and thoroughly discussed. Besides, the outreach office has been engaged in demonstration and scaling up of new technologies and farmers training with the objective to transfer knowledge that can boost farmers productivity. Some of the major activities accomplished during the past academic year are as follows.

  1. One new wheat verity (HAR-3116-qulqullu), with higher productivity and disease resistance compared with available verities, was developed through research and sent to seed certification agency.
  2. Regional variety performance evaluations were conducted on different sorghum varieties and two pulse varieties.
  3. On root and tubercrops varietal selection was conducted for highland, midland and lowland agro ecology zones.
  4. On carrot and onion, varieties suitable for eastern Ethiopia were selected.
  5. Other research projects were also conducted on plant pathology, soil and water conservation and animal production