Haramya University College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS) prioritize the last motto.

The College of CNCS in collaboration with the Vice President for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development (Directorate for University industry linkage and entrepreneurship Development to be specific), offered a three days laboratory training to High School Science teachers in Haramaya University undergraduate labs of CNCS.

According to Dr. Getachew Abebe, Dean of CNCS, while the total number of the trainees is 55 (19 from Biology, 18 from chemistry and 18 from Physics), nine of them are females and majority of the trainees are from four nearby high schools including Haramaya Model School, Bati High School, Haramaya High School and Hamaresa High School except one trainee who is from Haramaya University non boarding school.

As the rule of thumb, teachers of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are expected to support the theoretical lessons they deliver to their students with experiments and this can be realized by improving science laboratories in their schools. However, the results of a study conducted few weeks ago suggested that laboratories in some schools are not functional. As a result, this refresher training was conducted to resuscitate the trainees who did not have the chance to practice well due to inexistence or ineffectiveness of labs. In the training, practical topics that can be practiced in high school laboratories setting were addressed and the trainees practiced conducting experiments with the assistance of the experts in respective subjects, according to Dr. Getachew.