The College of Veterinary Medicine has the following facilities that assist in smoothly executing the learning - teaching activities of the programs in the College.

1. Class Rooms: postgraduate and undergraduate classrooms with whiteboards, motorized white screen, LCD projectors and computers. six of the postgraduate classrooms are also equipped with interactive smart boards.
2. Library that serves postgraduate students and staff members of the College.
3. Registrar Office staffed with required personnel and equipped with office facilities for keeping and processing students’ academic records.
4. Computer Lab: there are one computer lab for computational and programming related courses as well as introductory courses on computer science.
5. Research Laboratory: 

  • Molecular Biology and Research laboratory
  • Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology and Public Health laboratory
  • Veterinary Surgery and Theriogenology laboratory
  • Veterinary Pathology and physiology laboratory
  • Veterinary Histology
  • Gross Anatomy and Embryology laboratory
  • Veterinary Parasitology laboratory