Assistant Professor of Biodiversity conservation
Haramaya University
2017 - 2021

PhD in Range Ecology and Biodiversity

Addis Ababa University
2005 - 2006

MSc in Dryland Biodiversity conservation and management

Addis Ababa University

1999 – 2003

BSc in Biology from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Haramaya University, Assistant Professor
2014 – ---

Haramaya University, Lecturer
2009 - 2014
Addis Ababa University, Research assistant

Haramaya Preparatory School, Teacher


Chelenko High School, Teacher and Principal


Biodiversity professional, SPSS, GIS, and R software
Microsoft Office skills
Teamwork and collaboration
Problem Solving
Time management

Research Interest

I have research interest on expedition and exploration of the vegetation biodiversity and new plant species, economic botany to maximize the utility of plant species and plant products with special interest and knowledge on the genus Aloe, ethno-botanical and ethno-medicinal plant species, ecosystem services and climate change resilient strategies through enhanced agro-biodiversity practices.

Research projects (HU and external) and their status

  • Ethno-medicinal, pharmacological and phytochemical Studies of Potential Anti-diabetic Traditional Medicinal Plants in Eastern Ethiopia (2.9 Million Birr) (HUGG_2021_06_02_24) (New 2021- 2025) (Co-PI)
  •  Towards the Commercialization of Prioritized Aloe Species from Eastern and South-eastern Ethiopia (352,100 Birr). HUKT_2021_06_01_56 (New project 2021-2023) (PI)
  • A Comprehensive Evaluation and Validation of Traditional Medicinal Plants and Associated Indigenous Knowledge in Hararghe, Eastern Ethiopia. (380,500 Birr) HUSS_2018_06_01_26 (Completed) (Co-PI)
  • Bioactive phytochemicals, antioxidant properties, and nutritional composition of exudates/gel from endemic/indigenous Aloes of Eastern Ethiopia. (132,000). (HURG-2016-06-01-04) (Completed 2017-2019) (PI)
  • Baseline Survey of Pilot Woreda in Oromia Regional State for the Implementation of operationalizing Green Economy Transition Project in Ethiopia, Funded by German International Cooperation (GIZ), 2016. (242,900.00) Completed (PI)
  • Operetionalizing green economy transition at Pilot Wereda level in Ethiopia, Funded by UNEP, 2016-2017 (12,000 USD) Completed, (PI)
  • Comprehensive Ethnobotanical study on wild edible plants in Hararge lowlands: Step towards domestication for climate change mitigation and livelihood improvement. (100,000 Birr) (SIDA/SAREC grant 2012-2014) (Completed) (PI)
  • Agrobiodiversity and productivity enhancement through soil fertility and coffee disease management: the case of coffee based gardens in Hararge, Eastern Ethiopia. (120,000 Birr) (SIDA/SAREC grant 2013-2014) (Completed) (Co-PI)


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I confirm that the entire information given above is true and honest to the best of my knowledge.

Anteneh Belayneh (PhD)

Assistant Professor of Biodiversity Conservation

School of Biological Science and Biotechnology

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