Haramaya University Confers the Rank of Professorship to Dr. Wassu Mohammed Ali
Haramaya University’s Administrative Board awards the rank of full Professorship in Plant Breeding to Dr. Wassu Mohammed, on February 19/2022.
Wassu Mohammed Ali (PhD) is a notable member of the academic community of Haramaya University (HU). He was born on 8 December 1967 in Ajbar, Tenta Woreda in South Wollo, where he attended his primary education. Successfully completing his junior secondary education (grades 7 and 8 in Tenta, he continued his secondary education in Dessie, Ajibar and Wogeltena. In September 1994, he entered higher education at HU and earned Degree of Bachelor of Science in Plant Science in 1998. Soon after graduation, he was employed by Amhara Agriculture Office and later hired by Amhara Agricultural Research Institute, where he served as irrigation agronomy expert, leader of Woreda Agricultural Office Extension Team and Junior Researcher I in Agronomy. In May 1999, he joined Ethiopian Agriculture Research Organization and worked as Junior Researcher I, II and Assistant Researcher I in coffee breeding and genetics, and manager of research sub-centers at Haru (West Wollega) and Awada (Sidama) under the supervision of Jimma Agriculture Research Center. After four years of service, he returned to HrU and pursued his postgraduate education. He graduated with the degree of Master of Science in Plant Breeding in July 2004.
In August 2004, he was recruited by HrU, where he began to serve as lecturer. After his five-year service as a lecturer, researcher, the leader of Fruit, Root and Tuber Crops Research Programs, and Research and Extension Coordinator of Plant Sciences, he went to India to take his doctoral course in January 2009. He was enrolled at G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, from which he earn received his PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding, with a minor in Seed Science and Technology in December 2011.
Dr. Wassu came back to Ethiopia and re-joined HrU, which he is still working for. As Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor at the University, he has taught 15 courses at MSc and PhD levels in School of Plant Sciences and Africa Center of Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation as well as at Jima University. In addition, he has supervised MSc theses of more than 151 students and PhD dissertations of 14 students to their completion. He also coordinated and led a number of research projects and research programs, from which staff members, post-graduate students, the community and the University have benefited. Dr. Wassu has also published more than 126 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals and about 36 proceedings papers. As a breeder, he has released two vegetable crops varieties.
The University Senate and the University Board congratulate Professor Wassu Mohammed on his deservedly awarded new academic rank of professorship.
February 19/2022