The 67th graduation ceremoney of Haramaya University held.

Haramaya University graduated 1,866 students in various fields of study On June 2, 2022.

Of the total graduates 24 in Doctorate (PhD.), 361 in master’s degree (MA/MSc), 1460 in Bachelor degree (1218 in regular and 242 non-regular programs), and 21 students were graduated in specialty programs of health sciences. From the total 372 are females.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the university higher officials, community members, parents of the students and other invited guests.

Prof. Mengistu Urge, vice president for academic affairs at Haramaya University, said in his opening speech that the 2014 academic year was and is peaceful. That is why we were able to graduate 1866 students peacefully, he added.

Prof. Iyasu Elias, Guest of Honor, Minister of State for Natural Resources Development of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, and Chairman of the University Board of Trustees, said education is an important tool to build the human mind and help us live rationally in all relationships.

According to Prof. Iyasu, these graduates are expected to serve the country and their people faithfully and diligently in their field of studies. “Graduates must play a role in reviving the already-started economic, social, and political campaign to develop our country and pass on the sovereignty we inherited from our forefathers to the next generation,” added Prof. Iyasu.

Prof. Jeylan Woliyie, Vice President of Administrative and Student Affairs at Haramaya University, stressed that students should be optimists and must be ready to serve their country with their knowledge in all areas, including peace building and promotion. Peace is a very important lubricant for our daily activities. And it is the sense of brotherhood and peace among the students of the university that enables the university to operate in a calm manner, added Prof. Jeylan Woliyie.

By:- Shemsefin Mohammed

Photographers:- Foad Ahmed & Tewodros Lishan

Public & International Relations Directorate