University Enterprise Development Directorate Director


The University Enterprise Development Directorate has been rendering various services to the community beside the usage for teaching-learning activities and research undertakings. The directorate was restructured under the vice president for community Engagement and Enterprise development following the 2013 Business process re-engineering implementation.The directorate comprises of four departments and these are;

  1. Agricultural Development Coordination office
  2. Resource center and Recreational services coordination office
  3. Sales and Rental houses  coordination office
  4. Training and Consultancy Services




1.      Vision, Mission and Objective of enterprises


  • Mobilize the resources of the University with a view to enhancing the University’s  Learning-teaching, research and community engagement capabilities
  • Promote, coordinate and provide managerial services for income generating activities within the University
  • Undertake consultancy, contractual research, production and other income generating activities and; promote and facilitate such activities with strong linkages with departments and other units of the University


It strives to be a premier or model in optimizing opportunities in viable and sustainable commercial ventures in support of the vision of Haramaya University in Learning-teaching, research and community engagement.


It creates the commercial hub for the development, implementation, management and governance of business activities of the University by:

  • Supporting  the Learning-teaching being the practical center;
  • Supporting  the research activities by providing research facilities;
  • Generating of income for staff and the University;
  • Optimizing of University resources and assets;


As a government owned public service organization Haramay University will not embark on any income generating activities for a sole reason that the activity is found to be profitable as ordinary private firms do. Any enterprise that the university may develop should have at least one bold direct connection with the vision, mission and mandate of the university.

Accordingly, the following are the objectives of the Haramaya University enterprise:

  •   Supporting learning-teaching process to be smooth through demonstration of various overall management aspects of different production lines
  •  Supporting research activities of students and researcher lecturers
  •   Enhancing Community services through distributing economical and/or price free  livestock breeds and their products
  • Contributing for retention of the staff of the University by being addition income source for the staff
  •  Providing community engagement service through provision of products and/or services needed by the target community upon payment
  •  Maximizing the revenue generation of the university through profit making activities and thereby augment and diversifying the University’s financial page
  •  Optimizing operation of University industry-linkages and technology transfer

2.      Values and Beliefs

Enterprise of the university is committed to the highest standards of social and business values. The success of the enterprise is expected from its staff resourcefulness, professionalism and dedication.

A code of business ethics will be complied in accordance with the common values shared by all involved in the business of the enterprise. Comprehensive systems of control will also be introduced to ensure that in attaining the objectives of the enterprise to behave professionally, legally, ethically, appropriately and sustainably.

These values include:

  • Operate the highest levels of probity/honesty, accountability,  transparency and integrity
  • Take initiative and calculated risks towards the realization of the vision and mission of the  university
  • Model for the  community and students in doing knowledge based business
  • Perform the highest measures of competence and professionalism
  • Promote at all times virtues of meritocracy and fair  play
  • Operate in such a manner as to communicate a sense of high responsibility with in the society
  • Aggressive cost control initiatives  and to analyze costs/revenues on a product or customer basis
  • Flexible to respond to changing business requirements and Changes in ways of doing business.
  • More informed management decision making

1. Agricultural Development Coordination office  This Department provides various services ( for  students, staff and the community  such as horticultural crop products , selected seeds , livestock breeds and their products (heifers, poultry breeds, milk, eggs and meat) .The farms are conducive and serve as media for practical learning –teaching and students and lectures research activities. The office coordinates /adminstates about …..human resource that work at the following nine subsections.


  1. No
Farms Services being rendered by the different farms in addition to playing role as a media for learning – teaching and research undertakings.
 2 Selected seedProduction and dissemination This subsection annually produces about 200 quintals of various selected seeds of  maize, teff , wheat and sorghum ) in a  23 ha allocated for this purpose. These seeds are distributed to the community farmers giving priority for farmers’ unions.
 3 Forage production Animal feed production is essential as it determines the cost for Agricultural products and byproducts. Thus, 43 ha of land is usually used for forage production and it currently covers about 50% of the annual livestock feed cost.
 4 Dairy farm The farm annually produces about 150,000 liters of milk which is used for students’ cafeteria, staff lounges and sales for the community in a very economical cost which is about 50-60% of a market price.
 5 Beef Farms The farm produces about 300 tones of beef meat annually and this is supplied to  students’ cafeteria, staff lounges and sales for the community in a very economical cost which is about 50-60% of a market price.
 6 Rescue center This is a small zoo whereby different wild lives are rescued but also serves as a means for life Sciences students’ practical classes’ demonstration site.
 7 Swine farm Provides service for pork sources for various customers even as far as the capital city.
 8 Poultry farm The farm annually raises about 600,000 eggs and 16, 000 chickens of different ages and breeds. It is pioneer in distributing poultry breeds (White leg horn and Fayoumi breeds) suitable for farmers throughout the country.
 9 Feed Processing This subsection has the capacity to provide……tonnes of processed feed for livestock farms especially Beef farm, Dairy farm and Poultry farm.

2. Resource center and Recreational services coordination office 

S.No Resource center and Recreational services coordination office Services being rendered by the different facilities in Resource center and Recreational services coordination office
Meeting Hall The center has one big conference hall, two syndicate and three discussion rooms suitable for National & International conferences, meeting & Seminars.  Its maximum holding capacity is 140 participants.
Restaurant It is rated Comfortable for any types of guests as foreign & Cultural foods are served with a fair price. The maximum holding capacity is 170 guests at once.
Bedroom services It is comfortable having king Sized bed with private hot & cold shower and broad band Internet access inside it and guests can entertain inside with Arab satellite television channels in the bed room and DSTV channels in the lobby area inside the premise.
Gymnasium It is always open for staff and guests with a very fair price but accessible to only students who got prescription from their doctors.
Swimming Pool The swimming pool has the capacity to entertain 300 people per day. It is always open for staff and guests but accessible to students only twice a week.



3Rental houses and sales coordination unit

There are about 100 private business owners in the University that provide service for students, Staff and the Community. Most of these pay only houses maintenance cost (i.e. 10 birr/m2) because of which almost the price for each and every service they offer is regulated. This rental houses don’t only give services for students and the community but also created job opportunity for about 250 people.

4. Training and Consultancy services

The University with its long years of experiences and having renowned professionals in different disciplines has been giving various short term trainings and consultancy for the community.  land use  study  and  Green house gas /Carbon emission study consultancy service ofered for Diredawa Adminstration are examples of consultancies provided for the community during the fourth quarter year of 2015.