Gender HIV/AIDS and Special Need Main Streaming Directorate


HIV/AIDS Resource Center

Gender HIV/AIDS and Special Need Main Streaming Directorate

Strategic Objective

  • To create gender responsive environment
  • To create conducive environment and culture which meets the needs of the people living with special needs and disabilities and  ensure that all disabled students have equal access to a broad,
  • To create conducive environment for reducing rate of new HIV  infection,

Mitigating impact of the epidemic and generation and utilization of strategic information.


  • Mainstream  gender issues in the university and surrounding community
  • To offer the high quality of education and training, publications and consultancy services that will make a positive difference. To disable students.
  • Help harness effectively the efforts and resources of university in combating HIV/AIDS among the students as well as the society at large


  • To  achieve  the goal on 2020 to be the first university by mainstreaming gender issue
  • To achieve the   teaching and learning where all can reach their full potential by accessing high quality education. To disable students
  • To see the university free of HIV& AIDS and thereby contribute to the national vision of seeing HIV& AIDS free Ethiopia