Clinical Services

Major HU Health Center Services of the health center are:

 clinical service such as:

  • Emergency  service
  • outpatient service
  • Maternal and child health and/or family planning service
  • Tuberculosis diagnosis and management service
  • VCT/PIHCT service
  • In patient and sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment service.

Laboratory services such as :

  • Hematomology
  • Blood chemistry
  • urinalysis all type
  • serology
  • parasitologies and X-ray

Other services  such as : Bed services for patients which is,

  • Total number of beds in the health centers = 16 BEDS
  • No-of beds in each ward:

Female student ward (5)

Male student ward (7)

TB isolation (2)

Staff bed (2)

  • referral and ambulance service

Pharmacy Services