Gender Related Training And Workshops


Trainings and workshops

  • Arranges Leadership program for non graduating female students (100 female students has been beneficiary). It is a nine month program with service learning projects, mandatory to graduate
  • Arranges Assertiveness and study skill training for first year female students every year. This helps them to develop their level of confidence and study habit.
  • Leadership trainings for female students of post graduate studies and Academic staff.
  • Gender awareness trainings for leaders at different level.

Awareness program for university community

  • Orientation for all fresh students on the services of Gender directorate
  • Welcoming program for first year female students. female academic staff outstanding female students share their experience in how to study and how to socialize in the the university life.
  • Guiding female students and consulting them in their academic and social life in the university.
  • Library and internet service for female students.