Effective learning at all levels requires proper plan, active engagement of students, and integration of education with the real world. In line with this, the Directorate for Community-Based Education of Haramaya University has designed and is implementing a corporate work plan and strategies for the year 2013/2014. These include: University-industry linkage, University-school linkage, internship, externship, practical attachment, work-based learning, service-learning, educational trips, and collaborative research works. In addition, it is also involved in education-based mutual institutional networking, partnerships and cooperation.

The goal of the Directorate is to engage University students in community-based education for their success, and becoming responsible citizens; and to establish productive and sustainable close partnership amongst stakeholders of the Haramaya University.


Community Based Directorate strives to be one of the leading Directorates in the University by 2025.


The Mission of Community Based Education Directorate is to produce competent graduates in diverse fields of study who are capable of assessing and understanding the problems of the community and involve in transformative community services.

The Directorate for Community Based Education is committed to the following core values:

  1. Academic Freedom
  2. Perseverance
  3. Good governance
  4. Respect for diversity
  5. Professionalism
  6. Collaborative spirit
  7. Fostering creativity/Innovation
  8. Respect for Nature and Environment


  1. University-Industry Linkage

The Directorate for Community-Based Education (DCBE) and concerned academic college(s) jointly are implementing planned activities which include establishing and strengthening linkage along entering Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) amongst academic and research institutions and industries that are found in Dire Dawa, Harar, Adama, and Addis Ababa. The DCBE is involved in placing university students to industries for practical attachment and work-based learning. It also arranges educational visits for students in industries and experience sharing for industry workers in the university. Moreover, it facilitates joint research works and technology innovation by staff members of the University and industry workers.

  1. University – School Linkage

The Directorate for CBE and concerned academic colleges, particularly the College of Education and Behavioural Science, College of Natural and Computational Sciences and College of Social Sciences and Humanities jointly undertake various education improvement projects in schools that are located in Eastern part of Ethiopia. These include natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Sport sciences); Social Sciences (English, Geography, History); Pedagogy, Psychology, Curriculum and Educational Planning.

  1. Internship

The Directorate for CBE in collaboration with the concerned College especially College of Veterinary Sciences, is facilitating students’ placement and research works at the institutions they are placed.

  1. Externship

The Directorate for CBE jointly works the College of Health Sciences, is facilitating students’ placement and research works at the institutions they are placed.

  1. Practical Attachment

The Directorate for CBE aggressively works with all concerned colleges in facilitating students’ practical attachments within and outside the campus. The Directorate does the same thing for partner institutions such as schools, NGOs and GOs that demand practical attachments for their students.

  1. Work-Based Learning

To improve and enhance capacity building, the Directorate with concerned colleges, involves in facilitating work-based learning.

  1. Service-Learning

To enable continuous learning, the Directorate for CBE with concerned colleges, is involved in facilitating Service –Learning.

  1. Educational trips and Experience Sharing

The Directorate for CBE with concerned colleges involves in arranging and facilitating Educational Trips and Experience sharing for students as well as for academic and research staffs by covering the budget partially or fully as needed.

  1. Collaborative Research Works

Basically this activity is conducted by identifying research partners, institutions and the community at all levels by the Directorate for CBE and concerned colleges and engaging them in collaborative research works.

10. Functional Adult Education

This activity is a collaborative work which involves the Directorate for CBE, the community and concerned Colleges. They undertake demand driven community based education services that contribute for social and economic development. These include planning and conduction of various tailor made short term trainings for adult people to enhance their life kills, numeracy skills, entrepreneur, commerce, finance, home economics, environment and natural resource management, health education and interpersonal skills.

11. Institutional Networking, Close Partnerships and Cooperation

The Directorate for CBE is aggressively working in establishing institutional networking, close Partnerships and cooperation with Haramaya University stake holders to strengthen linkage, generate income and deliver community based services.

12. Monitoring and Evaluation

The Directorate for CBE with concerned colleges involves in developing monitoring and evaluation guidelines that can be used across colleges