Library Sections And Services


Cataloging Section

The University’s library uses a centralized catalog system. This section is responsible for cataloging and classification of all materials acquired by the library using the Library of Congress Classification system. It helps users to get information through the author, title and subject public access card catalog system.

Circulation Section

Is the one that registers members, issues pockets and lends materials based on the type of membership. This section lends 15 materials for staff, researchers and graduate students for 5 months and 2 materials for undergraduate students for 2 weeks. This section is also responsible for spot reading service by offering reserved materials.

The library provides photocopy services to the staff and students at a reasonable price.
The library provides current and back issue catalog, indexes and abstracts of information sources by acquiring from 25 publishers and distributors around the world, accepts requests of users and displays the newly acquired information sources in the new arrived display box.

Computer Section

This is the section that delivers electronic literature search service. It provides access to electronic information such as full text, index and abstract CD-ROM search, mainly to the rich & full text TEEAL internet service. Users can also print and have the hard copy of this electronic information.