1. Background

 Haramaya University has been actively involving in teaching, research and community engagement activities since its inception. There is an urgent need for the university to make efforts to link its academic programs to its research and outreach activities in order to make its training programs relevant to the needs of the stakeholders and the country at large.

The goal of Haramaya University in general is to evolve as an autonomous and independent academic and research university with a competitive national and international quality and relevance standards in its academic, research and community services endeavors. The university should devote much of its resources and time to achieve these goals. Besides, academic staff members must also motivated to engage in research activities that eventually lead to quality publications.

Haramaya University, like other institutions, is structured into faculties, colleges, directorates, schools and departments. University laboratories management is one of the directorate offices established to promote practical teaching experience through support, supervision, training by encouraging proper and wise use of laboratories resources.

  1. University Laboratories Management  Directorate Office (ULMDO)

 Haramaya University has more than 90 laboratories (dry and wet). These laboratories are owned by colleges, schools, departments and ULMD. ULMD is carrying out range of activities that enable laboratories to achieve and maintain high levels of accuracy and proficiency even though most of laboratories are owned by different colleges, schools and departments. Organizing and managing a functional laboratory is needed for each and every science/technology training program in order to deliver sound practical learning experiences to the students beyond routine laboratory services demanded by customers (graduate students, researchers & others) who are in pursue of basic and applied research investigations.

The ULMD office is, therefore, supporting laboratories by providing training, maintenance, installation and calibration of laboratory equipments, chemicals and reagents. Consequently, the office is building laboratory capacity to improve the quality of teaching and research outputs.

2.1.            Vision                                                                                                    

To build a functioning and well managed state of the art research and teaching laboratories at Haramaya University

2.2.            Mission

 With the existence of several non functional instruments and technology devices haphazardly placed at various laboratories, the mission of the ULMD could not be anything else but caring and protecting these old resources that are not working but indispensably needed by the academia for complete analytical and extensive services in the university then by promoting quality education through practical learning.

  1. Contribution of ULMD

Since the goal of Haramaya University is to evolve as an autonomous and independent research university with a competitive national and international quality and relevance standards in its academic, research and community services, the ULMD has been working towards the realization of this goal. The office’s contribution could be viewed from the following angles.

3.1.            Teaching-Learning Activity

Most of the laboratories managed by ULMD have provided conducive and satisfactory services for the academic staffs, researchers, under graduate and post graduate students, and other stakeholders of the University. Such provision of favorable environment has been created through the supply of chemicals, equipments, working spaces, and manpower in the laboratories.

3.2.            Research Activity

It is obvious that the academic staffs and other members of the university have been actively participating and engaging in various valuable activities in and outside the university to attain the goal of the university. Community based research activity is highly prioritized along with the teaching-learning activities. Accordingly, many researchers and other academic staffs, project owners, under graduate and post graduate students, and other stakeholders of the university have involved in various research projects to solve the problems of the community and the country. These could be achieved through equipped and conducive working laboratories. In light of these conditions, ULMD is working towards fulfilling the needed facilities and resources of the laboratories of the university.

3.3.            Community Service Based Activity

  Organizing and providing a community service is another goal of the university. This can be carried out through skill building training, problem solving research activities and workshops. Accordingly, ULMD could, facilitate, and provide many laboratory based trainings and services which have benefits the communities inside and outside the university.

3.4.            Customer Service Based Activity

Even though,fewof the university laboratories have limited scientific equipments, and trained manpower that may hinder the satisfaction of the scientific community, most of the laboratories are equipped with the modest instruments and facilities, and managed with trained manpower. These laboratories have been providing services (chemicals, consumables, equipments, working spaces, experimental analysis, etc) for MSc/PhD students, researchers, project owners, and other stakeholders both in and outside of the university. Central laboratories have a leading role to give central services. In such activities, ULMD has vital role through organizing, facilitating, managing and oversee the day- to-day activities of the laboratories. This has its own positive impact towards implementing the university’s goal by producing a competitive, well trained and experienced manpower.