Kersa District


Kersa District


Kersa is one of the 180 districts in the Oromia Region. It is part of east Hararghe. It is bordered on the south by Bedeno district, on the west by Meta district, on the north by Dire Dawa administrative council, on the northeast by Haramaya woreda, and on the southeast by Kurfa Chele district. The woreda capital is Kersa, which is 44 km from Harar west wards.


The district ranges from 1400 to 3200 meters above sea level. According to a survey of the land in Kersa 28.5% is arable or cultivable, 2.3% pasture, 6.2% forest, and the remaining 56.3% is considered built-up degraded or otherwise unusable. Chat, fruits and vegetables are important cash crops. Coffee is also an important cash crop, covering 5,000 hectares.

In the woreda, there are 35 rural Kebeles and 3 small towns. According to the information obtained from the woreda administration, out of the 38 Kebeles, 2 are lowland, 22 are temperate, 7 are a mix of lowland and temperate and the remaining 7 are highland, containing 2.8 %, 60.2, %, 17 % and 20 % of the district population, respectively. All the Kebeles have road access.


According to the 2007 census, the district has a total population of 172,626; out of which, 6.87 are urban dwellers. With an estimated area of 463.75 square kilometers, Kersa has an estimated population density of 372.24 people per square kilometer. The district has six health centers, 28 health posts and eight private pharmacies. The health service coverage of the woreda is 80 %.