KDS-HRC Vision and Mission


Vision, Mission, Core Objectives and Values


To be a center of excellence in health science research in Ethiopia


To advance research undertaking, health science education and generating evidence for improving planning and the delivery of health service.

Core objectives

The Demographic Surveillance and Health Research Center focus is to:
1.generate up-to-date community based data including vital events;
2.conduct studies in addressing national health issue ;
3.assess trends of demographic, health and environmental changes;
4.evaluate health intervention activities;
5.enhance research culture in the learning and teaching process;
6.render support on research method and analysis for students and staff;
7.disseminate research findings to different users;
8.advocate utilization of research findings in improving health and other service delivery.

Engagement: research undertaking within the community in existence
Excellence: best and innovative way of looking at things
Collaboration: working together with other stakeholders
Banding: team approach to research undertaking
Respect: upholding public norms, culture, ethics and moral issues

Focus areas of research:

KDS-HRC undertakes researches in major health and health related public health problems. Some of the focus areas of research’s areas are:
• Child health
• Maternal health
• Demographic changes
• Reproductive health
• HIV/AIDS and other STIs
• Malaria and other acute infectious diseases
• Tuberculosis and other chronic infectious diseases
• Gender related issues
• Nutrition
• Water and sanitation
• Vector borne diseases
• Pollution
• Occupational health
• Mental health
• Chronic non-infectious diseases (hypertension, diabetes and etc…)
• Other communicable diseases
• Health service utilization