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ISSD Oromia East conducted experience sharing for Representatives of Somali Region Experts


Based on the request and facilitation of Mercy Corps Ethiopia, the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) programme of Oromia East region conducted three days experience sharing event for Mercy Corps and experts from different office of Somali Regional Sate. The event was held from May 30 to June 2, 2014 at Haramaya University and respective first generation LSB sites. The objective of the visit programme was to share experience on LSB model, achievements and success stories and implement scaling up activities in their respective region. A total of fifteen (15) participants of Mercy corps and respective organisations including prime project, Jijiga University, Somali seed enterprise and farmer’s cooperatives were participated on the experience sharing visit.


The event was took place in two phases; morning presentation followed by field excursion to Seed Producers cooperatives, respectively. In the morning phase, Mr, Dandena Gelmessa (Seed innovator), and Mr, Reta Wegary (Agribusiness innovator) gave brief lecturing of ISSD approach, achievements and lessons learnt in the country in general and Oromia East in particular. They also highlight challenges exist in the system and forward room to manoeuvre from their experience. Then, questions and answer discussion was followed where Mr. Ashebir Demie joined the discussion to highlight issues of public and private roles to catalyse the whole seed value chain. In the morning sessions the participants were understood the underlying principles of ISSD approach, LSB model and lessons recorded so far.

In the second phase; excursion session was made to Rare Horaa, Haqan Gudina and Jalala Bishan Babile Seed Producers cooperatives (SPCs) where Mr Kemal Kasim and Mr, Alemayehu Asefa took a leading roles. Accordingly, farm visit, explanation and discussion was made for the participants by SPC members and innovators at each SPCs office, farm, store, mini-media and etc. At the end of the tour the participants were expressed their impression towards systemic approach of ISSD programme, success stories recorded by Oromia east region unit and respective SPCs for their daily commitment and innovations. During the general discussion of the tour, important points of collaborations were raised by both parties, which will be expected to be on the board in the coming regional workshop of ISSD Oromia East region. Finally, the participants were confirmed to take over ISSD promises and success flag to the adjacent Somali regional state.


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