Haramaya University Hosts the 4th Veterinary Education Forum and the 3rd International Veterinary Education Conference


By:-Shemsedin Mohammed/ Public & International Relation Directorate         

Haramaya University hosted the 4th Veterinary Education Forum and the 3rd International Veterinary Education Conference under the theme “Enhancing Livestock Productivity, Role of Quality Veterinary Education, Research and Rationalization in Promoting Export Market to Ensure Sustainable Food Security and Economic Growth from June 17th – 19th, 2015 at the Main Campus.



In his opening speech, Dr, G/Egziabher G/Yohannes, state minister for Livestock Development at Ministry of Agriculture, said the main agenda of the Ethiopian government is poverty eradication through broad based, inclusive, accelerated and sustainable economic growth and lifting Ethiopia to a middle-income status by 2025.

“Despite the huge livestock resources we have and an encouraging beginning developing the sector, it is still underutilized at the local, regional and national levels. The reasons are mainly lack of adequate institutional and technical supports, unimproved genetic makeup of local breed, low feed availability and feeding practices and underdeveloped marketing infrastructure,” he added.

It was indicated in the conference that creating favorable framework for quality veterinary education, service rationalization, enforcing legislations, establishing registration and licensing bodies promoting private veterinary practice are central to establishing an efficient national veterinary system.



Dr. Girma Amente, president of Haramaya University, on his part said that livestock plays a crucial role in socio-economic development of the farming community in particular and the country in general. The livestock sector in Ethiopia contributes 19% and 45% of the total and agricultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP), respectively, and provides livelihood for 65% of the population, Dr. Girma added.


Dr.Yitagele Terefe, dean of College of Veterinary Medicine of Haramaya University, said the college enrolled 320 students in DVM, Masters in veterinary public health and epidemiology in regular and BVSc in summer. This is BVSc program is on the way to be closed. Through its staff and student and also by collaborating with other national and international organizations, HU-CVM is conducting various demand driven and community services, the dean added.

During the closing sessions, Professor Chemeda Fininsa, vice president for Academic Affairs of Haramaya University, said the purpose of organizing conferences includes sharing knowledge, experiences, skills and discuses major problems, and set direction for immediate and future attention on different subjects. These shared issues should reach the public and be used in as inputs in our veterinary service, research, and learning-teaching system by publishing the proceedings and distributing to institutions.


Among the participants were delegates of ministries, member of House of People`s Representatives, representatives of local and international organizations, researchers, experts, related regional and federal bureau members, secretary of EVA Executive Board; USE veterinarian  Army; NGOs, deans and representatives of veterinary colleges/schools/ departments, invited guests, and staff  of Haramaya of University and student representatives.

The conference was jointly organized by Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopian Veterinary Association, and Haramaya University College of Veterinary. Furthermore, more than ten national and international organization including business companies had participated in the sponsorship.



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