Academic Staffs


Academic Staffs
The College of Veterinary Medicine has 34 full time academic staffs (2 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 17 Assistant Professors and 6 Lecturers) and 6 Technical assistants who assist students during laboratory sessions, and clinics, and other practical classes. The college has additionally 32 workers as support and administration staff. About 18 staffs, of which 7 are in PhD study while others are in MSc. To assist in broadening the professional perspective of students, guest lectureships by experienced veterinarians in the various fields related with veterinary will be adopted.

S.No Full Name Specialization Academic rank E-mail address Phone Number
1 Adem Hiko Woshie Biomedical Sciences Professor 0940240080
2 R.S. Bansal Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor 0939114708
3 Bruk Abraha Fitwi Veterinary Microbiology Assoc. Prof 0910898705
4 Tesfahiwot Zerihun Shiferaw Vet Clinical Pathology Assoc. Prof 0920556154
5 Yehuwalashet Bayu Senkneh Tropical Infectious Diseases Assoc. Prof 0913312238
6 Shimelis Mengistu Hailu Veterinary Public Health Assoc. Prof 0911119023
7 Amare Eshetu Gemeda Theriogenology Assoc. Prof 0920375772
8 Berhanu Sibhat Kassa Vet. Epidemiology Assoc. Prof 0911967469
9 Dinaol Belina Kitila Veterinary Pathology Assoc. Prof 091 383 5631
10 Yitagele Terefe Mekonnen Tropical Animal Health Assoc. prof 0911067947
11 Berhanu Tilahun Chefek Tropical Vet. Parasitology Asst. Prof 0911011881
12 Adem Abdela Hassen Tropical animal production Asst. Professors 0911747251
14 Daniel Shiferaw Beshah Veterinary Public Health Asst. Professors 0911632529
15 Ararsa Duguma Benti Vet. Gynecology and Obstetrics Asst. Professors 0926260484
16 Fethu Lemma Eketa Biotechnology Asst. Professors 0933438991
17  Jelalu Kemal Bermeka Microbiology Asst. Professors 0911953952
18 Sisay Alemu Mamo Veterinary Parasitology Asst. Professors 0910353117
19 Dawit Kassaye Getaneh MPH Asst. Professors 0910784444
20 Hailemariam Kefyalew Birru Vet. Surgery & Imaging Asst. Professors 0911369723
21 Migbaru Kefale Bezabih Biotechnology Asst. Professors 0909604041
22 Chala Mohammed Vet. Surgery Asst. Professors 0923954539
23 Pawlos Wasihun Asnake Molecular Biology Asst. Professors 0913273425
24 Shihun Shimeles Beyene Veterinary Epidemiology Asst. Professors 0913231826
25 Sisay Girma Bekele Veterinary Public Health Asst. Professors 0913087904
26 Ambachew Motbaynor Wubaye Veterinary Medicine Asst. Professors 0910342023
27 Mohammed Jafer Veterinary Public Health Asst. Professors 0910436128
28 Abdulbari Ismael DVM Lecturer 0916776670
29 Kedir Sali Lecturer 0921859761
30 Leykun Lulseged Ayele Animal production Lecturer 0923957546
31 Abdulahi Abdurhaman Demise Veterinary Microbiology Lecturer 0910757923
32 Bahar Mummed Hussen Veterinary Microbiology Lecturer 0911929918
33 Dereje Regasa Nigussie Veterinary Microbiology Lecturer 0912883480
34 Adugna Chalchisa Lemecha Tropical Veterinary Parasitology Lecturer 0922162490
35 Gemechis Melkamu Negasa Biomedical Engineering Lecturer
36 Damto Kajela Jaleta Vet,. Lab. Technology Senior Technical Assistant 0917040708
37 Kalif Dawud Vet,. Lab. Technology Senior Technical Assistant 0936171698
38 Dasi Vet,. Lab. Technology Senior Technical Assistant
39 Bekelech Habilo Edato Animal health Senior Technical Assistant