The Research Coordination Unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine is a separate entity that is organized to coordinate the research activities of the faculty. The main purposes of the unit include serving as a clearinghouse of research-related information and disseminating completed research works, monitoring the progresses of funded research projects undertaken by the different faculties of the college, dissemination of research and intellectual output by the colleges’ staff, promotion of the college Research programs and grants, and promotion of research outcomes to research and academic peers.

Veterinary Medicine Biomed Lab

Veterinary Medicine Biomed Lab

Current Grants

Research conducted by the faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine is essential for achieving the college’s mission of helping in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of disease, and maintain the health of animals and promotion of public health.  The college has researchers of professional diversity which affords it the opportunities for collaborative projects that can bridge the different research areas.   Research within the college also benefits students of the college by providing them opportunities for participation in the research projects. Faculty of the college work tirelessly to secure research funding for the same. This year, four faculty of the college have won a competitive research grant from different sources (see below).