Currently, the College of Veterinary Medicine has got 2 huge libraries and 1 mini library, 7 functional and adequately equipped laboratories with the state of the art indicated in the Table below. The college has higher Veterinary teaching clinic and Animal unit. Different animal farms (Dairy, Beef, Camel, Sheep and Goat, Poultry, Swine and Apiculture) are major resources in Haramaya University Campus used for research and practical class of our students

Laboratory and other facilities of College of Veterinary Medicine

No Laboratory Type Major Facilities
1 Vet. Molecular laboratory DNA extraction, Gel electrophoresis, PCR, Real Time PCR, nano drop and other facilities for molecular biology research (VLT, DVM AND MSc research).
2 Vet.Microbiology, Immunology and Public Health laboratory Microscope and other facilities for lab work. Immunological research supports VLT, DVM and MSc research. Mycology lab facilities support PhD and MSc research in the field in addition proteomics facility for metabolites research.
3 Vet. Surgery and Theriogenology laboratory Surgical operation and theriogenology training and practice.
 4 Vet. Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry laboratory Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry practice
5 Vet. Histology, Gross Anatomy & Embryology laboratory Support VLT, DVM and MSc research.
6 Vet. Pathology and Hematology laboratory Support VLT, DVM and MSc research.
7 Vet. Parasitology laboratory Service for the identification of a wide range of parasites. Support VLT, DVM and MSc research.
8 Teaching Veterinary clinic Support the students in their clinical practices and give community services on area of animal health

CVM Class room

CVM laboratories building

CVM student’s Library