Staff of Gender and Development Studies


1.   Gender and Development Studies Staff profile

Dr. Bamlaku Tadesse
Academic Position: Assist. Professor and Researcher  head of GNDT

Specialization: PhD in Peace and Conflict Resolution
Research interest:
-Customary institutions and conflict
-Ethnic conflict, pastoralism and gender
-Climate change induced resource scarcity and conflict

Office  number:+251-255550086

  Eskedar Molla Terefe Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: MA in Globalization and Development Studies

                 MA in Gender Studies
Research interest:
-Migration and technology
-Migration from sending country perspective: Migrant Families, Brain circulation, Migration and its relationship to local economy
-FDI, local market economy and Gender

-Aid vs. Development Partnership
Mobile  number: +251947901268

Kelemua Zenebe

Academic Position:

Education: PhD Candidate in Social Work

                  MA in Gender Studies

Research Interest:

  • Migration
  • Human security
  • Environment
  • Disability issues and vulnerable groups


Mobile  number: +251911336808

Mulu Birehanu Academic Position: Assistant Professor

Education: Master in Management of Development, Specialization in  Social Inclusion, Gender and Rural Livelihood

                 Master of Philosophy in Women Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa

                 PhD candidate: Specialization in Organization and Strategy

Research Interest:

  • Inclusive Business
  • Value chain Development
  • Female Entrepreneurship, Role Conflict and  Coping Strategies
  • Leadership and Women
  • Organizational politics


Mobile number: +251911719259 

Birhane Wubeshete Beyene Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: Gender and Development

                  Specialization: Gender Studies

Research Interests:

·         Gender Based Violence

·         Gender and Development

·         Women’s economic empowerment


Mobile Number: +251913349717



Helina Befekadu Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: PhD candidate in Climate Change and Rural Development

Research interests:

  • Women Empowerment

Mobile number: +251922112844


Zelalem Desalegn Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: Gender and Development

Research Interest:

  • Gender Based Violence
  • Environment

Genet G/Hiwot Mezgebu Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: Development Studies

Research interest:

  • Gender, climate change and environment issues
  • Topics related to Development and Environment


Mobile number: +251913044528 


Reta Bayisa Kenea Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: Gender and Development Studies

                  Specialization: Gender Studies

Research interests:

  • Gender and Reproductive health
  • Gender and pastoral communities
  • Gender and inclusive education


Mobile number: +251983746953

Miressa Tolu Afeta Academic Position: Lecturer

Education: Sociology

                  Gender and Development Studies

Research Interest:

  • Reproductive health
  • Women and socio-economic issues such as divorce
  • Harmful Traditional Practices
  • Sexual Harassment


Mobile number: +251910505617

   Mr. Zigale Tamir Tenaw

Academic Position: Asst. Professor

Specialization: MA in Development studies

PhD Candidate in Development studies
Research interest:
-Indigenous mechanisms of conflict prevention and resolution
-Gender, pastoralism and climate change
-Pastoralism, Livelihood vulnerability and adaptation strategy to climate change

-Gender budgeting and Migration