Message from the Dean


Greetings from the College of Natural and Computational Sciences.
In our College, our primary goal is to produce skilled manpower that can aid in the development of our country. As such, we are continuously searching for ways by which we can improve and excel in providing quality education to our students. Much more than this, we also have a responsibility to serve our country. We believe that our college needs to reach beyond the domains of our university. Hence, it is our intention to provide a venue by which we can have an open communication with the academic community and the society as a whole.
We hope that you will find our website informative and inspirational.

For prospective students, we encourage you to look into the different courses offered in each department. Please take note that we are using the prescribed Harmonized Curriculum from the Ministry of Education for undergraduate courses. Old curriculum for graduate courses, on the other hand, were designed based on the needs analysis conducted by the departments. As such, they are competitive and timely. This is cognizant of our goal for excellence in the sciences.

We also urge academicians and scientists to browse our website. We are eager to be of assistance in research endeavors that can help the community. Moreso, we would appreciate if we can build linkages among different individuals or organizations in our country.

For existing students and staffs, we hope you can use this site to strengthen and broaden the communication network in our college. This will facilitate the prompt achievement of our goal of being a center of excellence in the field of sciences in our country.


Getachew AbebeĀ (PhD)
College of Natural and Computational Sciences