Department of Physics


About the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics of HU has undergone an evolutionary transformation after long years of course delivery under the division of Natural and Social Sciences by the year 1986/87. 1993/94 the next ten year or so years, until 2003, the Department trained and graduated potential teachers in Bed degree in Physics. The contribution of the Department, in this regard, was instrumental in producing teachers/educators in the country. Following the introduction of the new education program, the three years BEd degree curriculum was developed and implemented by the time it was replaced by applied science curriculum by the year 2008. The most recent science curriculum was in line with the country vision and policy of 70:30 focusing on science education. As the saying goes, the curriculum has to be dynamic to catch up current development in the world. Thus the curriculum was further harmonized and modularized so, that the nation runs similar Physics curriculum throughout.

With regards to postgraduate program, the Department first launched, MEd (Master of education in Physics) by the year of 2008/09. Side by side new science curriculum in Physics was developed and implemented. Currently the Department runs Master of Science in Physics in four streams. Since the inception of the program the Department trained more than 150 graduates in both regular and non-regular mode of deliveries.

In addition to the regular B.Sc /MSc programs the Department has been offering the following programs in the non-regular Program.

1. A five year BSc summer Program in Physics

2. A four summer MSc program in Physics.

3. A four summer MSc program in Physics Education.

Program Structure:

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics

Master’s Degrees

  • M.S. Master of Science in Physics with a Stream in
  1.  Computational Physics
  2.  Environmental Physics
  3. Medical Physics
  4. Quantum Physics
  5. Nano Scale Physics

Doctoral Degrees

  •  Ph.D in Environmental Physics (without course work)
  •  Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy (on Review)