Master of Science in Mathematics



Haramaya University is the second oldest university in Ethiopia. For the past 55 years, the university had been producing and promoting graduates and scholars with a sound knowledge of skills to develop the nation. Since its establishment in 1996, the Department of Mathematics has been offering a four year degree program which leads to Bachelor of Education in Mathematics with Physics as minor. During the academic year 2003/04, a three year degree program Bachelor of Education in Mathematics was launched. The department also offers several applied mathematics courses to students of Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. In addition, following the national policy of higher education expansion, the department also launched the postgraduate M.Ed. Program in Mathematics and Undergraduate B.Sc. program in Applied Mathematics and Statistics during the academic year 2007/08. Now the department has proposed a new graduate M.Sc. program in Mathematics.

Program Objectives:

The main objectives of the M.Sc program in Mathematics are:

  • To provide students with both a broad overview of Mathematics through applications and also a strong command of an area of specialization.
  •  To produce trained manpower in Mathematics for institutions of higher learning in the country.
  • To produce graduates with a sound knowledge of analytical and professional skills.
  • To extend capacity for independent thinking, creativity and further studies

Graduate Profile

After completing the M.Sc. degree in Mathematics the graduates are expected to able to :

  • Teach in universities, colleges, technology/engineering institutions and high schools.
  • Develop teaching and learning materials in mathematics.
  • Conduct research in mathematics.
  • Assist in the development of mathematical models that help researchers, engineers, professionals (related with mathematics) to solve real world problems.

Admission Requirement

An Applicant must
I) have a B.Sc. or B.Ed. degree in Mathematics and
II) meet the general SGS admission requirements.
Applicants who fulfill the admission requirements are required to pass an entrance examination in Algebra and Real Analysis, conducted by the department of Mathematics. The examination represents 70% and undergraduate CGPA 30% of the final result with regard to the admission criteria.

Graduation requirements

  • All students are required to complete a minimum of 38 credit hours 2 of which are allotted for seminar.
  • CGPA ≥ 3.00
  • No ‘F’ grade.
  • No more than one ‘C ‘