Bachelor of Science in Chemistry



Aims of the Program

The aims of the undergraduate program in chemistry are:

  1. To provide higher level training to a number of students who wish to secure BSc degree in Chemistry at University level through standard quality education
  2. To prepare stduents for pursuing further education
  3. To establish a research centered community where scientific research is undertaken; and,
  4. To benefit the society

Goals of the Program

The major goals of undergraduate program in chemistry are:

  1. To establish in students an appreciation of the importance of the chemical science in industrial, economic, environmental and social context.
  2. To provide a basic education appropriate to graduates in chemistry
  3. To develop basic and practical skills in chemistry
  4. To develop the ability to apply the learned skills for solving practical problems; and,
  5. To provide a wide range of tranferable skills to the graduates

Objectives of the Program

The objectives of undergraduate program in chemistry are:

  1. Produce skilled manpower of well-trained chemists capable of taking up positions in the growing demand of the various sectors of the economy such as various industries, and learning institutions, research institutions, as well as various environmental conservation endeavours of the country;
  2. Disseminate knowledge in chemistry and related areas through active participation in related professional activities, such as Chemical Society of Ethiopia, Regional Networking, Workshops, Symposia and Publications;
  3. Develop capabilities for the provision of consultancy and technical services as well as short term specialized training to both public and private sectors; and
  4. To produce chemists who create job opportunities by applying the acquired knowledge and skills.s

Graduate Profile

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in chemistry will have acquired an education at an advanced level, including:

  • Knowledge of chemistry
  • General intellectual and life skills and,
  • Values

that equip them for employment, citizenship and lay the foundations for a lifetime of continuous learning and personal development.
The chemistry graduates are expected to have the following attributes:

  • knowledge of chemistry
  • General intellectual and life skills
  • values

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of the preparatory program with a pass mark in university entrance examination and interest to study chemistry;
  • Diploma in chemistry from higher learning institutions fulfilment of the general University’s admission requirements and
  • Other department specific requirements

Duration of Study

The program shall be on the basis of three academic years of study.

Grade Point Average Requirements for Graduation


Minimum Requirement

Cumulative GPA


Major GPA


No “F” in any course