CNCS Departments


Department of Biology

A Biology unit was recognized as part of Science Teachers Training Program (STTP) of the then Alemaya College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts from 1954 – 1984, and had been offering Diploma in teaching Biology for Junior Secondary Schools. Then after, it had been continued as a section of the former Division of Natural and Social Sciences (DNSS) of the then Alemaya Agricultural University in offering introductory courses to agriculture students until 1996….

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was initiated in 1996 with the establishment of Faculty of Education at the Alemaya University. It started to run training with B.Ed degree in chemistry the same year. In the year 2004 the Department launched a unique graduate program leading to M.Ed degree in chemistry with the intention of playing a role towards fulfilling the Country‚Äôs needs for high-level qualified chemistry educators….

Department of Mathematics

When the Faculty of Education came into existence in 1985/86 as a unit in Alemaya University, the Department of Mathematics started offering courses leading to the B.Sc degree in Mathematics….

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics of HU has been established in the year 1986/87. Since then the Department has been offering a 4 year B.Ed program in Teaching Physics that will product potential physics teachers that worked in the secondary schools all over the country….

Department of Sports Science

Haramaya University, since its establishment in the country as a higher learning Institution, in 1954 E.C. the Department of Sport Science (by its old name Health and Physical Education) was providing the course s common courses for those highly qualified intellectual individuals with the concepts of equipping them Mentally alert, Physically strong & fit, and Socially responsible individuals. In 1977E.C, the Department started offering Undergraduate (the three years Degree program) Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and Sports preparing staffs mostly for High School Teaching activity….