School of Nursing and Midwifery



The School of Nursing and Midwifery, Haramaya University, was established in 1994 with an enrollment of students for Diploma in Public Health nursing program.  At present, the school of Nursing and Midwifery is running three Generic programs: BSc in Nursing, Midwifery and psychiatric Nursing. As a part of community service, the school is training BSc Nurses and midwives in summer program and Continual Education Program (CEP), and Post graduate programs in Adult Health Nursing specialty, and Maternity and Neonatal Nursing. Currently we have 189 generic nursing students, 62 CEP nursing students, 337 summer nursing students, 129 psychiatry nursing students, 172 summer midwifery students and 222 regular and upgrading midwifery students

Table1. The total numbers of students enrolled under school of nursing and midwifery from 1st-4th year

Level of Study Programs Number
Undergraduates Nursing 588
Midwifery 394
Psychiatry Nursing 129
Emergency and critical care nursing 40
Neonatal nursing 38
Pediatric Nursing 45
Post graduates Adult Health Nursing Specialty 21
Maternity and Neonatal Nursing 24
Total 1279


“Critical care nursing is that specialty within nursing which deals specifically with human responses to life-threatening problems. Emergency and critical care nurses apply direct interaction with patients, families and groups of patients to promote health or well-being and improve quality of life. These interactions are characterized by a holistic perspective in the advanced Medical and Nursing management of health, illness and disease states. Emergency & critical care nurse practitioner demonstrates competence in the domain of the emergency & critical nursing care provision”

Because of rapidly changing health care system, orientation to health, knowledge explosion, and scientific discoveries that demand Nursing profession, the school developed new post basic Nursing and Midwifery specialties in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health and started to train BSc in Neonatal Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Emergency & Critical Care Nursing and BSc in Midwifery since January 2015. Currently we are teaching about 600 undergraduate and post graduate students in regular program. We hope that they will make a difference in the health care system of the country. Besides, PhD Curriculum in Nursing is designed and ready to conduct internal and external reviews.

The lists of program heads since establishment respectively

Name of   school Head Year
 1 Ato Alemayehu     Galmessa
 2 S/r Meselech Asegid
 3 Ato Biftu Geda
 4 Ato Mengistu wolday 2000-2002
 5 Ato Derje Meaza 2002-2004
 6 Ato Jote Markos 2004-2005
 7 Ato Gari Hunduma 2006-2007
 8 Ato Shiferaw letta 2008-2009
 9 Ato Teshager Worku 2009-


Former Head, the School of Nursing & Midwifery

“Nursing is the humanistic science dedicated to compassionate concern with maintaining and promoting health, preventing illness and caring for sick and rehabilitating disabled individuals to attain independence in self care

Regarding Staff profile, there is one professor, 1 Associate professor, 4PhD graduates and 1Assistant professor, 6PhD fellows, 42 MSc graduated in different field of studies, 08 assistant lecturers on study, 18 graduate assistants II and 05 technical assistants. These staffs are conducting problem solving researches and published their findings on reputable journals. Therefore, they are contributing a lot to sciences of the world.

Academic Rank Number Sex
Male Female
Professor 1 1
Associate professor 1 1
Assistant professor 4 3 1
PHD graduates 4 3 1
PHD fellow 6 4 2
Lecturer(MSC) 42 36 6
Assistant lecturers 08 07 1
Graduate assistant II 18 16 2
Technical assistant 5 1 4
Total 89 71 08

Education: We will impart knowledge and skill; instill excitement for learning, and translate it into quality Health care for our trainee. We will train future leaders in neonatal and pediatrics Nursing, who will work in an academic or other organization and deliver the highest quality care to their clients.

Patient Care: We will strive to improve the standard of practice and ensure the highest quality of care for pediatrics age group patients in hospitals or Health setting. We will care for neonates and pediatrics with the highest respect for their precious lives in a family-centered, compassionate, and respect full caring environment, and utilizing evidence-based approaches to treatments that are regularly evaluated and updated.

Research: We will pursue new knowledge through high-quality research that explores unanswered questions and tests and refines previously established ideas in patient care. We will engage in clinical and other problem solving research, aimed at improving babies’ lives throughout their lifespan. We will work collaboratively within and outside our institution in order to generate important discoveries that will enhance evidence-based approaches to neonatal and Pediatrics care.”

Educational/ training modalities of the school

The school of Nursing and midwifery is dedicated to contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country through training and producing competent, committed, compassionate, and responsible nurses and midwives; conducting problem-based research and rendering relevant community services that are related to community health nursing and nursing care in general. So, that we are working to equip our students with sufficient knowledge, skill and attitude to achieve this mission via student centered class room teaching with ongoing evaluation. In addition to classroom teaching our students enrolled in the simulation and demonstration session in our skill lab. To maintain the standards/ quality of teaching learning process and to help students achieve the expected competencies, we are using nationally harmonized curriculum. Simulation and demonstrations are not the ends but means of acquiring the expected professional competencies, due to this the students need to attach clinical practical hospital attachment and professional practices/internship from 2nd year onwards up to the end, that is up to 4th year.

Moreover, the school has engaged in community activities by expanding summer and Continual Education Program (CEP) at Dire Dawa, Chelenko and Chiro sites. Through this program hundreds of Nurses and Midwives are upgrading their educational status and improving their knowledge and skills as well.

The school has also provided training regarding mental health and substance uses for prisoners, prison administrative staff, and high school teachers and students in Dire Dawa, Awaday and Harar.

Head of Psychiatric Nursing Department

One in four adults experience some form of mental health problems at some point in their lives. Anxiety, depression and severe mental health problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar I disorders affect not only patients, but also on their families and on society around them. Mental health problems result in reduced quality of life and possibly loss of life. It is therefore important to understand mental health problems and the ways it can be treated. This department established to understand mental health and mental health problems, mental health practice and care in the community and hospitals.


Head, Department of Midwifery

Midwifery is the profession that is grounded on the science of saving the life of mother and her baby. On the behalf of midwifery department, we are doing our best to produce competent and skill full students in midwifery profession

Mission: To excel in evidence based research and competency based education and providing maternal and child health care service for the community

VISION: TO be one of the center of excellence in midwifery education among midwifery schools by 2025

Moto: there is no satisfaction than saving the life of life giver