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It is known that Haramaya University works around three main goals- teaching, research and community engagement. Research, although categorized one of the separate objectives of the university, is found also integrated both in the teaching and community engagement. No research is meaningful without the application of Statistics and that is why all departments give at least one common course in statistics for their students. As the level of the research done get complex statistical knowledge gained through common course only fails to be sufficient. With the advancement of information age and computer technology, it was also found important to have all the students of all the departments to be computer literate. That is also why computer application is given as a common course in all departments of Haramaya University. Still as the level of complexity of information processing increases, the knowledge gained through computer applications fails to be sufficient.

CCI Building

Besides its objectives of teaching, research and community engagement Haramaya University needed statistical and information technology (or Computer Sciences) for its own business. It was the time that the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) was started to be studied and being implemented both in the country and the university. The university thus needed a unit that helps the university research system and administration both in terms of statistical analysis and information technology solutions.

The foundation of the College of Computing and Informatics was thus based on the above premises. In its original intention “computing” refers to statistics while “informatics” is for computer sciences fields. The college was established in April 2008 by bringing together the three departments- Computer Science, Management Information System and Information Studies, that were established under the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Soon after the establishment of the college, the curricula for the departments of Information Systems and Statistics were prepared and got approved by the university senate. Hearing the approval of the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Statistics, all the students who were already admitted to the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics under the then Faculty of Education requested the university management and transferred to the Department of Statistics that was newly established under CCI. The first batch of the B. Sc in Information Systems was, however, admitted in the next academic year. The college then opened further B. Sc programs in Information Technology and Software Engineering based on the need assessments made at national level.


The mission of the college is to train and graduate students in the fields of Statistics and Computer Sciences.


The vision of CCI is to be internationally recognized center for teaching, research and consultancy in the fields of Statistical and Computer Sciences and Applications.


CCI shares all the values of the university in general and values participatory leadership as its core value in particular. That is why it has student-staff discussion and prize award ceremony every semester. The staff and students discuss on strategic issues of the college on such ceremonies in the presence of university top management bodies and prizes are awarded for best performing students, department/school heads, academic and administrative staff of the college. Prizes are also awarded for one student best research project and one student software project each year.

CCI Staff


College is running following programs at UG and PG level:


Computer Science

Information Science

Information Systems

Information Technology

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Software Engineering



Information Science (Regular and summer)

Statistics (Regular and summer) with following specializations

  • Econometrics Stream
  • Biometry Stream

Postgraduate Curriculum under development

Information Technology

Computer Science


CCI had less than 13 academic staffs including its three Technical Assistants on its establishment but as of December 2013 it has more than 100 college staffs including instructors, TAs, Secretaries, Messengers and Registrar.

Class rooms

The college currently has 7 classrooms for its 7 batches!










Currently, the college has 11 computer laboratories for its 7 undergraduate programs. All laboratories are connected to the Internet and are open until 10:00 P.M. Some of the laboratories do not have Technical Assistants.







Research/Project and Publications

  • The academic staff of the college participates actively in research and software development (see the detail in their respective departments).
  • Graduating students are also engaged in research/project activities as partial fulfillment of their degrees (see the detail in their respective departments).