Department of Accounting



The Department of Accounting at Haramaya University has started in the year 2002 with the launching of the Faculty of Business and Economics in the university. The first four batches of the department have successfully graduated and the number of students joining this department has been rapidly increasing. Currently, the department has young and potential academic staffs with the ranks of Assistant Professor and lecturers. With this young and energetic professionals coupled with good and conducive working environment, the department believes that it is offering highly quality education for its graduates to cope up with highly dynamic and challenging career in the business environment.

Objectives of the Department

The department of Accounting offers B.A. Degree in Accounting with the objective of preparing students for successful careers in public accounting, industry, government and non-government organizations and other institutions. Accounting is a vital component of the business world. The overall objective of the undergraduate accounting program is to provide students with the basic competencies necessary to succeed in a variety of entry-level positions within the profession or to succeed in graduate school. Besides, the department intends to provide community and professional service for its surrounding society.