School of Plant Sciences Staffs

No Name Staffs Details
1 Ketema Belete (Dr.) Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Field of specialization: Plant breeding, genetics and agronomy
Research interest:
Breeding / genetics in crops specially cereals (Sorghum, Wheat, Millets, Vernonia ) and crop management
Phone number: +251 (0) 911745226E-mail: ketemabeletekb@gmailP.O. Box. 262,  Haramaya University, Ethiopia)
2  Habtamu Zeleke (PhD) Academic Rank: Professor
Field of Specialization: Genetics/Plant Breeding
Research interest: Crop Breeding and Agronomy with special interest in maize improvement.
Phone number: +251-(0) 920 153160;Email: wubeno@yahoo.comP.O. Box 76: Haramaya University, Ethiopia
8 Yemane Girma (MSc) Study leave Academic Rank: Lecturer
Field Specialization: Plant Biotechnology
Research Interest: Cereals’ Stress tolerance breeding, Data mining; Bioinformatics; tissue culture protocol optimization for economically important crops. Ways to use otherwise waste materials for food and feed production.  
9 Jemal Abdulahi (PhD) Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Field of specialization: Agronomy/Soil and Plant NutritionProfession: Agronomist/ NutritionistResearch interest: Soil and Plant nutritionPhone number:  251(0)-921845678E-mail:jemalabdulahi@yahoo.comP. O. Box: 138, Dire Dawa,Haramaya University
10 Tamado Tana (PhD) Academic rank:Professor
Field of specialization: Agronomy/Crop Ecology
Research interest: Agronomy, Crop Ecology and Cropping Systems, Crop Modeling, Weed Ecology and Management.
Phone Number: 251 915746411E-mail:tamado63@yahoo.comP. O. Box: 138, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia,Haramaya University
11 Abdulatif Ahmad Adam (PhD) Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Field of specialization: Agronomy/Crop Ecology
Telephone Number: +251 (0) 915754815
E-Mail:Papers/ Publications:

  • PhD. Dissertation and four PhD Graduation Papers
  • Msc. Thesis
  • Assessment of the Haramaya Natural resource past, present and future presented for the district community
  • The Haramaya natural resource rehabilitation and conservation program.
  • Assessment of the Current status of Haramaya and Tinike Lake and people’s perception

Initiator, facilitator and members of the “Integrated Lake Haramaya Watershed Development project” devising team

12 Nano Alemu (MSc.) Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Field of specialization: Agronomy
Research interest: Agronomy, Crop Ecology and Cropping Systems, Crop Modeling, Weed Ecology, Management and Soil nutrition.Phone number: 251 913483195E-mail:nanoalemu2001@gmail.comP. O. Box 95: ,Haramaya University ,Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
13  Ibsa Aliyi Abdula (MSc.) Academic Rank: Lecturer
Field of specialization (MSc): Plant Production Systems
Research interests: Farming systems, Parasitic weeds, Climate change mitigation, Biological NitrogenFixation, BiodiversityE-mail: or +251 (0) 911058586 (mobile)P. O. Box: 135, Haramaya University, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
14  Degefa Gebissa (BSc.) Academic Rank: Lecturer
Field of Specialization: Plant Sciences
Research Interest: Agronomic Research ProgramsPhone Number: +251 (0) 913227148E-mail:
15 Mekuanet Belay (BSc.) Academic Rank Lecturer
Field of Specialization: Plant Sciences
Research interest: Agronomy
Phone number: +251 (0) 92043 0684 E-mail: or
16 Awol Seid (MSc.) Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Field of Specialization:Crop Production and Protection
Publication and Research Activity : (2014). Joint modeling of longitudinal CD4 cell counts and time-to-default from HAART treatment: a comparison of separate and joint models. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (EJASA), 07(02), 292-314. DOI: 10.1285/i20705948v7n2p292. URL :
Professional Associations Membership:
Ethiopian Statistical Association (January 2008 – Present)


Full Name Academic Rank Specialization Educational Level
Abdurezak Yusuf Assistant Prof. Virology PhD
Abiyou Debasso Assistant Lecturer Plant Science Diploma
Abdi Mohammed Assistant Prof.
Abrahim H/Mariam Tech. Assistant Plant Science Diploma
Ahmed Molla Lecturer Crop Prodn. & Protecn BSc
Alemnesh Bekele Graduate Assist.II Plant Science BSc
Amare Kebede Assistant Prof. Seed Science & Tech. MSc
Anteneh Bekele Lecturer Horticulture BSc
Ashenafi Kassaye Lecturer Insect Science Msc
Ashenafi Teshome STA
Atlabachew Mekonnen Lecturer Agronomy MSc
Awol Seid* Assistant Prof. Crop Prodn. & Protecn MSc
Bekele Gelana Lecturer Plant Science BSc
Bekele Kebede Tech. Assistant Plant Science Diploma
Berhanu Asfaw GAI
Bayush Legese GAI
Birhanie Alemie GAI
Bulti Merga Lecturer Plant Science BSc
Bulti Tesso* Assistant Prof. Plant Breeding MSc
Chemeda Fininsa Professor Plant Pathology PhD
Degefa Gebissa Lecturer Plant Sci. Diploma
Desu Beriso GAI
Fantahun Yesuf SAT
Fikreyohannes Gedamu Assist. Prof. Horticulture PhD
Firew G/Mariam Lecturer Plant Science BSc
Frew Mekebib Associate Prof. Molecular Plant Breeding PhD
Habtamu Zeleke Professor Plant Breeding PhD
Habtamu Terefe Assistant Professor
Haymanot Bizuneh Tech. Assistant Biology Diploma
Honok Dercho STA
Ibsa Aliy Abdula Lecturer Plant Sci. BSc
Jemal Abdulahi Assist. Prof. Agronomy PhD
Juhar Abas Lecturer Microbiology MSc
Kaba Girma Tech. Assistant Plant Sci. Diploma
Kebede W/Tsadik Professor Horticulture PhD
Ketema Belete Associate Prof. Agronomy (Plant Breeding) PhD
Kenenisa Gelgelo GAI
Kiya Adare Assistant Prof.
Mashilla Dejene Associate Prof. Plant Pathology PhD
Melese Mengistu Lecturer Plant Taxonomy MSc
Melaku Zewde STA
Merga Duguma GAI
Mulatu Wakgari* Assistant Prof. Entomology MSc
Mulu Fetahi Lecturer study leave Plant Pathology Msc
Muluken Goftishu Assistant prof. study leave Agri. Entomology MSc
Nigussie Dechassa Professor Horticulture (Plant Nutrition) PhD
Negesse Tujuba TAII
Nebiya Jebril Lecturer
Seltene Abady Assistant Prof. Plant Breeding
Sheger Dawud Tech. Assistant Plant Sci. Diploma
Simret Burga Lecturer study leave Horticulture MSc
Shewaneneh Seyoum STA
Tewodros Bezu Assistant prof. study leave Horticulture MSc
Tolamariam Taresa STA
Wassu Mohammed Associate Prof. Plant Genetics/Biotechnology PhD
Woldu Mogesse STA
Wubadis Kenaw GAI
Yabibal Chane Tech. Assistant Plant Sci. Diploma
Yemane Girma Lecturer study leaves Biotechnology MSc
Yibekal Alemayehu Associate Prof. Plant Physiology PhD
Yonas Moges Lecturer study leave Plant Biotechnology MSc
Amsale Dejene GA I study leave
Aberu Abebe GAI study leave
Asmea Mohammed GA study leave
Bedassa Nekonnen Lecturer study leave
Dima Adem GAI study leave
Eftiyom Negera GAII study leave
Eleni Kidane GAII study leave
Erana Kebede GAII study leave
Firayad Boru GAI study leave
Lemma Degebasa Lecturer study leave
Mohammed Abdurazak GAI study leave
Selomie Tilaun STA study leave
Tsegaye Shimelis GAII study leave
Tulu Tadesse GAII study leave
Tefera Berhanu GAI study leave
Tokuma Dadi GAI study leave
Zeyede Akale SAT study leave
Dr Alok Kumar Associate Prof.
Prof. K.Vasanthakumar Professor
Prof. Sher Singh Verma Professor
Addisalem Yoseph Laboratory Attendant
Abrahim Ame Laboratory Attendant
Obsitu Abrahim Laboratory Attendant
Seble Nigussiee Secretary
Shukri Haji Messengers
Yegle G/Mariam Tesema Laboratory Attendant