School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Staffs

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1 Abule Mehare (Dr) Dr. Abule is a lecturer at School of Agricultural Economic and Agribusiness. He obtained diploma in  General Agriculture from  Ambo University (the then Jimma University, Ambo College),  BA from Haramaya University and MSc Under the Collaborative Masters in Agriculture and Applied Economics (CMAAE) hosted by Bunda College Malawi, and University of Pretoria South Africa. Currently, He is teaching, conducting research and supervising undergraduate students’. In addition to his academic responsibilities Mr. Abule has served the university at different administrative positions since 2005, mainly: Head the universities Poultry farm and secretary of the university’s tender committee.
2 Alelign Ademe (Dr) Dr. Alelign is a lecturer in the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. He obtained his BSc and MSc Degrees at Haramaya University in 2003 and 2010, respectively. He is teaching BSc students and supervising their senior research projects.Office Telephone: +251-0255530071
3 Ms.Bekelu Teshome (MSc.) Mrs. Bekelu Teshome is a Lecturer in the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness and value chain management. She obtained her BSc, at Haramaya University (the then Alemaya University, Ethiopia) in agribusiness management in July 2007 and MSc at University of Malawi, Malawi in Agricultural and Applied Economics with specialization of agribusiness management in September 2011. She is working in this school since she got an opportunity to be employed as Graduate Assistance in 2007 until now. She is teaching different courses in her school, conducting research and supervising a number of undergraduate students.Office Telephone:  +251-0913405487Email:
Belaineh Legesse (PhD) Mr.Belaineh Legesse is an Associate Professor at the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Haramaya University. He has received his PhD from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Rural Development Studies. He has served the university in the capacities of Dean of the College of Continuing and Distance Education, Vice President for Administration and Development, Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs, lecturer and researcher, inter alia, for many years. He is actively involved in the supervision of PhD and M.Sc. dissertations/theses research projects. His research interests are in the areas of Vulnerability and Poverty Analysis, Risk Analysis, Gender, Environment and Development and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability and Climate Change. He is the focal person for the Dry-land Coordination Group (DCG) – Ethiopia, since 2009. Also, he coordinates the joint projects run by Haramaya University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), USA.
4 Dr.Jema Haji(PhD) Dr. Jema is an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics in the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. He obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in Mathematics from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), and his MSc and PhD degrees in Economics from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden). He is teaching, conducting research and supervising a number of MSc and PhD students mainly in the areas of productivity, food security and impact assessment. In addition to the academic and research activities, Dr. Jema has served at various administrative positions including: Director of student’s research, associate dean of the faculty of education and department head of mathematics at Haramaya University.
  1. Mohammed Aman
Mr. Mohammed Aman is an Assistant Professor in the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.  He graduated BA in Economics from Arbaminch University in July 2007. He has served as Graduate Assistant I and II in College of Business and Economics under the Department of Economics at Aksum University in the academic year 2008 and 2009. He joined Haramaya University in 2009 and graduated with MSc in in 2011.Major responsibilities: Giving lecture and tutor, especially for female and low scoring students, advising undergraduate students in senior seminar and senior research; participating in community services i.e. giving training for the local communities in current issues of entrepreneurship and agricultural value chains and others.Future research interest: Postharvest loss of major cash and food crops; Economic efficiency of neglected crops; weather index insurance schemes; payment for ecosystem services; enhancing entrepreneurship culture among smallholder farmers in Eastern Hararghe; and the role of access to ICT in facilitating markets access among smallholder farmers.

Research and publication experience: Has conducted MSc thesis research entitled ‘Technical Efficiency of Rose Cut Flower Farms in Eastern and Rift Valley routes, Ethiopia’. He has also participated, as supervisor, in the project in pastoralist areas. He published one journal (in UK) as first author; two journals (one in Pakistan and one in UK) as second author; one journal (in Switzerland) as sole author; and two monographs as sole author in Germany.

Mobil: :  +251-0922807095


8 Alem Mezgebo(MSc.) Mr. Alem Mezgebo is a lecturer of Natural Resource Economics and Policy in the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management. He obtained his BSc and MSc degree at Hawassa University (the then Debub University, Ethiopia). He is teaching and supervising a number of BSc students mainly in the areas of natural resource and environmental economics, agricultural economics, natural resource management. In addition, he is conducting researches related to economic valuations, rehabilitation and managements of forest, soil and water, and climatic change and agricultural production and resource uses.Mobil:+251-0913563182Email: or
9 Wondimagegn Mesfin(MSc.) Mr. Wondimagegn Mesfin is Lecturer in the School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.Qualifications:MSc in Agricultural Economics, Haramaya University, October 2010BSc in Agribusiness Management, Haramaya University, July 2006

Research Interests:

Wondimagegn’s Research and Teaching interests include: Smallholder Agriculture Commercialization, diversification and Technology Adoption; Agricultural Risks and Coping Strategies; Climate change-Food Security Nexus. Agricultural Statistics, Econometrics, Projects Planning and Analysis, Agribusiness Management, Economics of Agriculture and Farm Management.

Research Experience:

Completed MSc research on “Determinants of Farm Diversification and Households’ Production Decisions under Risk: The Case of Eastern Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia”. Ongoing research on “Smallholders’ Vulnerability to Climate change-Induced Food Insecurity and Coping Strategies in Eastern Ethiopia”.

 Mobil: +251-0912-172096



10 Abdulwafik Kelilo Lecturer
11 Awgiten Gebrehana GAI
12 Bekele Kerebih Lecturer
13 Beyan Ahmed Lecturer
14 Dr. Bonsena Tegegn Assistant Prof.
15 Dr.Fikadu Gelaw Assistant Prof.
16 Dr. Mengistu Ketema Associate Prof.
17 Bekele Wogi Lecturer
18 Mussba Kedir Lecturer
19 Fuadd Kemal Lecturer
20 Gelgelo Boru GAI
21 Kumilachew Alamire Assistant Prof.
22 Musa Hassen Assistant Prof.
23 Obsinet Eshetu GAI
24 Seleamlak Fentaw Lecturer
25 Sime Shiferaw Lecturer
26 Wario Katelo Lecturer
27 Dr. Vijay Pal Singh Arora Professor
28 Haimanot Worku Secretary
29 Shartu Usoye Assistant


No Full name Sex Academic  Rank Day on Duty
1 Aemro Tazeze Terefe M Assistant Professor On study leave
2 Biruktawit Belayneh Legesse F GAII On study leave
3 Eden Andualem Tilahun F GAII On study leave
4 Firesenbet Zeleke Abshero M Lecturer On study leave
5 Hanna Samuel Taye F GAII On study leave
6 Helen Fikereyohannes F GAI On study leave
7 Melkamu Girma M GAI On study leave
8 Mikle Tesfaye M Lecturer On study leave
9 Seblewengel Negash F GAII On study leave
10 Teshome Lejissa M Lecturer On study leave
11 Dine Hailu M GAI On study leave
12 Tekalign Tuluka M GAI On study leave