Haramaya University Student Union


The union is an autonomous non political and fully secular union which is formed and governed by the students. The primary objective of the union is to work for the academic and social rights of Haramaya University. Students who enrolled in the university’s undergraduates and post-graduate studies in the regular programme.


To observe and secure that the best interest of students in the academic, and services, are realized with the required quality.

  • Having close observance on every feeling and activities of the students.
  • Searching for the solution to the possible causes of students problems.
  • Addressing the unresolved matter to the concerned body for remedial purpose.


  • To see the elimination of factors deteriorating the strength of unity within diversity.
  • Observing students adopting culture of peace, love and unity regardless of their differences.
  • Finding Everlasting solution to the deeply rooted problem of the country.
  • To see civilized nations competing with developed nations.

Objectives of HUSU

  • Solving the academic social, economic problems of the students
  • Check the service of students, whether it is with its best quality.
  • Maintain the teaching learning process always in harmony
  • Serve as a bridge, with the university management.
  • Raising students issues as priority Agenda wherever, whenever.
  • Claim student’s involvement, in decisions passed by the management
  • Create an environment in which student’s unity becomes stronger and stronger.
  • Create an environment in one understands the other, deeply. To see the effect of our historical unjust relationship and bring it in to of just relationship.
  • Organize different student events