Estate Development and Facilities Management


The main goal of Estate and Facilities Management Directorate (EFMD) Support Process is to provide efficient, high quality and cost effective services to customers and to create compelling working conditions for the university’s core process.

With the view to run EFMD support process efficiently and effectively, we organized together its Five processes as one wholistic directorate. We called the approach a Wholistic Approach. The wholistic approach enables the customers to obtain the services they want at one directorate. At the top of this structure there is EFMD Director who organizes and controls the effective functioning of all of the processes. Each of the five processes has responsible and accountable to the directorate.

Building and Machineries Operations and Maintenance,

HU Building and Machineries Operation and Maintenance (BMOM) is also responsible for maintenance of office machines, Laboratory equipment, other related machines used in different parts of the University, and signage used in all of the exterior and interior parts of the University.

This process has the responsibility of undertaking operations and maintenance activities are required for ongoing, routine operations, and maintenance of buildings. Routine works are necessary to keep facilities, utility infrastructure, roads, and grounds in good repair, appearance, and operating condition. The work includes maintaining, operating, and repairing utility systems, such as electricity, water, plumbing, and sewage basic components of campus buildings and grounds, for instance, foundations, walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, floor, doors, windows, and coverings of floor and wall, and ancillary facilities or equipment that support basic building operations.

Our vision is to continually improve the quality of our services. By working together for excellence, we look to build on the respect and trust of our people, improve communication, focus on customer needs, act responsibly, and use innovative approaches to improve our University.


Our vision is to strive to continually improve the quality of our services. By working together for excellence, we work to build the respect and trust of our people, improve communication, focus on customer needs, act responsibly, and use innovative approaches to improve our University.


Providing safe and conducive physical environment that strengthens the promotion of HU’s core process. As stewards of the University’s facilities, BaMMaED provides comprehensive maintenance, project delivery, and space planning services to academic and support units on the main and Harar campuses.


We do our best to make your working environment conducive and productive!

Custodial Service Process

(CSP) is one of the five processes  under EFMD support processes and strives for the realization of becoming a competent service provider by creating healthy, orderly, and tidy working environment for university community.

Our Mission: Creating tidy and orderly working environment for the university community and visitors by providing cost-effective and efficient custodial service in an environmentally responsible fashion

Motto: – We keep our campus tidy and attractive!

The campus services process is one of the five processes under the EFMD dedicated to cater meal and beverage services for the university staff and employees with reasonable and affordable prices in its cafeterias and restaurants which is highly subsidized by the university. Currently the campus services is running cafeterias and restaurants in the main and Gendeje campuses with its own permanent staff

Printing and Publication

Printing and Publications Services is also one of the processes in the EFMD which is dedicated to support the teaching-learning and research activities of the university through proper and high quality services in the areas of documentation and printing of academic materials and research outputs.

The vision of HU Printing and Publications Services is becoming the leader in higher education in printing and publication services.

Mission The mission of Printing and Publications Services is to offer efficient, cost-effective and high quality printing and publication services to all customers and bolster the university’s teaching, learning and research endeavors.

Transport and Vehicle Maintenance,


  • The vision of the Transport Services Process (TSP) is becoming a powerful and dynamic service providing process of the university.

Mission Statement

  • The Mission of HU TSP is to provide safe, economical, and high quality transport services to the university community and, by doing so, to enable the university to carry out its duties effectively.
  • Goals TSP has established the following goals:
  • Acquire the type and number of vehicles necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the staff and students to perform their duties.
  • Whenever necessary, rent vehicles for work units.
  • .Manage the fleet in a manner that ensures the lowest possible operational cost while maintaining consistently high mechanical reliability.
  • Organize a staff and maintain a facility, which provides superb service, repair, reservation and dispatch, and administrative support to the university customer.
  • Ensure that the service continues as a financially secure and self-supporting operation as it strives to achieve non-profit or break-even status.
  • Maintain, repair, and dispose of the vehicles in a manner that brings the highest possible return on money spent.
  • Establish policies and procedures that reflect the best way to operate the fleet with the customer in mind.

Strives to obtain the best ratio of money spent to miles driven.